Tris DeRoma/Monitor
Los Alamos County Sheriff Marco Lucero talked about SB 203 and SJR 16 at his office Tuesday. He said the legislation would put teeth and stability into policies and practice that a sheriff implements.
Legislation reignites debate over LA sheriff's office

Two bills introduced this state legislative session have stirred up dust in Los Alamos County – reigniting the debate about whether the county should have a sheriff.
A local defense attorney, George Chandler, said he thinks the bills are a ploy by Sheriff Marco Lucero to extend his time in office indefinitely.
Lucero, on his second four-year term, insists he has no real dog in the fight.
SJR 16 would eliminate term limits for sheriffs in New Mexico, and SB 203 would have put stricter requirements on who could run for the office.
Lucero has spent many days at the Roundhouse, waiting for the outcome. He said if these bills eventually passed, they would add professionalism and consistency to a vital community role.
“There are good things to this resolution, and there are bad things to this resolution,” Lucero said.
SB 203 was closed by the sponsor Friday after it was found unconstitutional by the Senate Judiciary Committee. SJR16 was still scheduled to be heard in committee as this paper went to press.