Tris DeRoma/Monitor
The Los Alamos Co-op has started implementing new programs, including bringing back the members-only sales.
LA Co-op weathers the storm

Businesses in Los Alamos are known to go through rough patches and in 2014 and 2015, the Los Alamos Co-op Market was no exception.
The community-owned store went through six general managers in the space of 14 months when, around the time, the new Smith’s Marketplace opened up down the street.
Though the two things weren’t necessarily related, it didn’t help, said the co-op’s new general manager, Tim Morrison. Before that happened, though, Morrison, a longtime Los Alamos resident left for China for a few years.
“I expected it was going to be OK,” Morrison said. “I was going to be able to run away and everything was going to be fine. I was really disappointed to come back to a store that was really in trouble, but I’m here to fix it.”
Morrison was made the co-op’s new general manager June 30.  
Morrison said that since he’s come onboard, they’ve been averaging $60,000 in sales a week and last week, they hit $67,000.
When asked what he said he’s done differently, he said while they’ve made a few changes, everything is basically the same. One thing he attributes to the success is employee morale.