Arin Mckenna/Monitor
Councilor Pete Sheehey argues for delaying discussions regarding the sheriff’s office responsibilities until the next council meeting.
Council moves process-serving to LAPD

The Los Alamos County Council passed a resolution on Tuesday that transfers process-serving duties from the Los Alamos Sheriff’s Office to the Los Alamos Police Department.
The principal job of a process server is to deliver or “serve” legal documents to a defendant or person involved in a court case.
The sheriff will continue to monitor sex offenders as delegated by statute.
The motion passed 4−1, with Councilor Pete Sheehey opposed. Councilors David Izraelevitz and James Chrobocinski were not present.
Sheehey argued that the issue should be postponed until June 14, when Sheriff Marco Lucero, Izraelevitz and Chrobocinski could attend. He cited the short notice given for Tuesday’s item (it was posted with the agenda on Friday) and the fact that no operational or legal analysis has been done.
“I make a motion to table this item until the next regularly scheduled meeting, June 14, when both this item and the previous related item regarding a charter amendment on the sheriff can be fully prepared by all the departments, the sheriff and others can be here to make their case,” Sheehey said.
Council votes on a ballot issue to eliminate the sheriff’s office entirely on June 14.
Sheehey’s motion failed for lack of a second.