Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard
LANL coalition seeks to eliminate tax-exempt status

The Regional Coalition of LANL Communities asked the State Legislative Finance Committee today to consider eliminating tax-exempt status for possible, future nonprofit contractors of Sandia and Los Alamos national laboratories.
The coalition is seeking to ensure that the roughly $200 million in gross receipts tax the state annually receives from the laboratories continues, even if the laboratories acquire nonprofit management and operations contractors.
Of that $200 million, Los Alamos County receives about $30-$40 million.
Sandia and LANL are in the process of acquiring new contractors.
The coalition will appear before the committee today to hopefully provide a more complete picture of what the loss would be to the state.
“The finance committee has this on their radar. They’ve been thinking about the possibility of legislation to keep that from happening,” State Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-4) said. “The committee is looking for more expert testimony to see what the impacts would be.”
Garcia Richard, who is sponsoring the bill, is also looking for support and sponsorship from other legislators.