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  • A muni building in search of a name

    The University of New Mexico-Los Alamos Executive Director Cedric Page is fully supportive of a motion introduced by Los Alamos County Councilor Frances Berting to name the new municipal building for late New Mexico State Representative Jeannette O. Wallace. The county is currently seeking public comment on the proposal.

    “I think the more we acknowledge the contributions of Rep. Wallace and others in the future, the better. We really need to personalize some of our facilities. I’m very supportive of her (Berting’s) efforts to have the community weigh in on that,” Page said.

    “It’s part of that inclusiveness. You have to put the question out there for people to really reflect on and decide whether that building is worthy of that individual who was a significant contributor to this county. I think they’ll find there’s support in the community for taking that step.”

    Under the guidelines of county code, County Administrator Harry Burgess is currently selecting a committee to hear public comment and make a recommendation to council.

    A few people have already weighed in on the idea. One suggested naming the building after former County Administrator Max Baker. However, county code stipulates that an individual must be deceased at least six months and Baker is still alive.

  • Clerk releases bond update

     The Los Alamos County Clerk’s Office reports as of Friday, there have been 4,000 ballots received for the Special School Bond Election. On Jan. 8, the clerk’s office mailed out 13,826 ballots. Officials at the clerk’s office would like to remind registered voters about some do’s and don’ts:
    • Do sign the outer envelope. If there is no signature on the outer envelope, the ballot cannot be counted.
    • Don’t have someone sign your ballot on your behalf. If you cannot sign the outer envelope, an ‘X’ is acceptable as your signature. Although it is not required, someone may witness you signature. Bottom line and most important, is that if the ballot is not signed, it cannot be counted.
    • Do affix adequate postage. A first-class stamp is required to mail the ballot back to the clerk’s office; however, registrants may also drop off their completed ballot at the clerk’s office located at 2451 Central Ave., Suite D. All ballots must be received by 7 p.m. Jan. 29.
    • Do come by the clerk’s office if you have not received your ballot.

  • Accelerate promotes technical training

    Two years ago the Regional Development Corporation joined with six Northern New Mexico colleges and regional businesses to launch a two-year training program called Accelerate: Technical Training and Job Placement.

    The program is designed to “get students out the door work-qualified for the jobs that we know are in demand now and the jobs that we’ve identified that we want to grow into,” according to RDC Executive Director Kathy Keith.

    Keith joined Program Monitor Carla Rachkowski and University of New Mexico-Los Alamos Executive Director Cedric Page to report on the program’s progress at the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities meeting Friday.

    The RDC’S 2010 Regional Economic Development Initiative identified workforce development as a key element for economic growth.

    “Under the human capital area of the strategic plan, our communities identified as their number one priority workforce development,” Keith said. “And specifically what we heard from communities in Northern New Mexico was we want local folks in our communities to have the qualifications to get good paying jobs locally, that we continually see our local businesses hiring from outside our region, and that’s frustrating to us. We want to see more locals employed in positions.”

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  • Raw: Ohio Vehicle Pile-ups Leave One Person Dead

    A multi-vehicle crash on I-270 near Columbus was one of four highway pile-ups that plagued Ohio motorists on Monday. Authorities say a southwest Ohio highway pileup involving as many as 85 vehicles left one person dead.

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  • Harbaugh brothers take 49ers, Ravens to Super Bowl

    This Super Bowl will be filled with firsts — and one significant last.

    The Harbaughs, San Francisco's Jim and Baltimore's John, will be the first pair of brothers to coach against each other in the NFL title game.

    Quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers and Joe Flacco of the Ravens each will be playing in his first Super Bowl — where success is the ultimate measure of elite QBs.

    It'll be Baltimore's first crack at a championship in a dozen years, San Francisco's first in 18. They are a combined 6-0 in Super Bowls (the 49ers own five of those victories), so one club will lose the big game for the first time.

    And middle linebacker Ray Lewis, Baltimore's emotional leader and top tackler, will be playing in the final game of his 17-year career before heading into retirement.

    "This is our time," Lewis pronounced.

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  • Sheriff: NM teen planned to randomly shoot people--Video Extra

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The New Mexico teenager accused of gunning down five family members over the weekend ambushed his father as he returned home from an overnight shift at a rescue mission, then reloaded his rifles and planned to go to a Wal-Mart and randomly shoot people, authorities said Tuesday.

    Instead, 15-year-old Nehemiah Griego texted a picture of his dead mother to his 12-year-old girlfriend, then spent much of Saturday with the girl and her family, authorities said. That evening, the teen went to the church where his father had been a pastor, and Griego eventually confessed to killing his parents and three younger siblings.

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