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  • Santa Fe schools to no longer accept funding from the NRA

    SANTA FE (AP) — Santa Fe school officials have decided to cut ties with the National Rifle Association, agreeing to no longer accept money or equipment from the organization.

    The five-member school board voted unanimously Tuesday to reject NRA grant money that has supported the district's junior ROTC program.

    "We think it's a good move because we don't think school districts, not just ours, but anywhere should be taking funds from the NRA," Steven Carrillo, the board's president, said.

    Opponents to the decision said the board would be making a political move and would be dragging the junior ROTC program into the middle of the complex debate.

    The district received about $4,000 worth of equipment from the NRA over the past several years.

    The program teaches leadership and military skills to students. The junior ROTC students have competed in several local, state and national competitions, including earning top honors in a national marksmanship championship earlier this year.

    "Support from the NRA has allowed our program to get quality equipment that has turned these kids into national champions in a very short time," Lt. Commander Craig Stapleton said, who oversees the program.

  • Trump to sign order sending National Guard to Mexican border

    By JILL COLVIN and LOLITA C. BALDOR, Associated Press

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump and border-state governors are working to "immediately" deploy the National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border to fight illegal immigration, with some troops potentially arriving later Wednesday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said.

    "The threat is real," Nielsen said at an afternoon briefing, adding that Trump was signing a proclamation to put the deployment into effect. "It's time to act."

    The announcement came hours after Trump pledged "strong action today" on immigration and a day after he said he wants to use the military to secure the southern border until his "big, beautiful wall" is erected.

    In a tweet early Wednesday, Trump said that "Our Border Laws are very weak" and that Democrats "stand in our way" of new laws. He added, "We will be taking strong action today."

    Trump told reporters on Tuesday that he'd been discussing the idea of using the military at the border with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

  • Izraelevitz kicks off campaign with party, benefit

    The re-election campaign of David Izraelevitz formally begins April 11 from 6-7 p.m. at Fuller Lodge.

    Like his kickoff four years ago, it will also be a benefit to support a great program that provides snacks for kids at our schools.

    Everyone attending is asked to support the local school snack program “Aaron’s Kids,” and bring lunch and snack items like granola bars, fruit snacks, mac-n-cheese (in the add water cup), cheese filled crackers, noodle cups, and any other quality snacks that can be handed out to kids at the schools. Or, attendees can drop off a monetary donation for the program.

    “We will have good free food and an opportunity to visit with me and other members of the community. I look forward to seeing old friends and acquaintances and meeting anyone from the community who would like to drop by. I also welcome your questions and concerns,” said Izraelevitz. 

    “There will be plenty of time for fundraising and politicking later. Instead, I would like everyone attending to help Aaron’s Kids to meet their mission of providing healthy snacks to those students in our schools who need them,” added Phil Gursky, his treasurer and campaign manager.

  • Easter Egg Hunt brings out the crowds
  • Daughters of American Revolution elects delegates to state conference

    The Valle Grande Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, has elected delegates to the 98th New Mexico State Conference of the new Mexico State Organization, Daughters of the American Revolution.

    Delegates from Los Alamos are Roberta Day Idzorek, Regent of the Valle Grande Chapter, Marge Lewis and Linda Kolar.
    Alternates are Linda Carol Alt, Karen Gray, Megan Farrell and Chastity Kolar.

    Georgianna McDougle of Las Cruces, the New Mexico State Regent, will preside. Special guests will be Jeannine Angle Dobbins, Colorado State Regent, and Sharon Crumbaker Frizzell, Illinois Honorary State Regent.

    The state conference will be at the Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown, in Albuquerque on April 13-15.

    The theme of this year’s conference is “Remembering World War I.”

  • Pretty in Pink
  • No tuition increase in UNM-LA’s 2018-19 budget

    No tuition increase and some staff and faculty raises are the highlights of the 2018-19 budget passed by the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos advisory board Monday night.

    Even though some UNM campuses are raising tuition rates to offset financial struggles, UNM-LA is not one of them.

    “We are not asking for new tuition,” said UNM-LA Chief Executive Officer Cindy Rooney. “Main campus is in a situation where they’re having to ask for a tuition increase and so UNM-LA is not going to have a tuition increase.”

    The budget passed on a unanimous vote by board members David Sutton, Pat Soran and Michelle Hall.

    “We will have a flat budget,” said Rooney. “It will vary a little bit but not significantly.”

    The last tuition increase was before the Fall 2017 semester, an increase from $79 per credit hour to $82 per credit hour. At its last meeting the board voted to drop the $10 registration fee beginning with registration for this summer’s classes.

    The budget was passed with a 2-percent compensation increase. The board members then passed a motion allowing UNM-LA to make necessary changes so it can enact merit raises for some faculty and staff for the first time in four years.

  • Judge tosses recall petition

    A Los Alamos resident’s petition to mount a recall election before May 1 of Los Alamos County Councilor David Izraelevitz was tossed out of district court Monday over timing issues.

    White filed a lawsuit to recall Izraelevitz in March, saying he was seeking a third term for office when the state constitution allowed for county officials to only run for two. Izraelevitz was appointed in 2011 to fill out another councilor’s term, then he successfully ran again for office in 2014.

    First Judicial Court Judge David Thomson told resident Greg White that he was denying his petition because White wouldn’t have enough time to get the recall election in place.

    “Mr. White takes the position that it is itself a process by which the special election should be conducted… to attempt to get these signatures and have (the election) placed by the county clerk prior to May 1. “The problem is, that would run contrary to (state statutes),” Thomson said in his decision.

    State election statutes state that a legal notice must be run for once a week for two weeks 63 days before the election.
    However, Thomson also said that if White wanted to pursue the issues he raised in his original March 21 lawsuit against Izraelevitz, he was free to do so.

  • State auditor serves subpoenas to REDI Net contractors

    The New Mexico Office of the State Auditor Friday issued three subpoenas to three different companies connected to bringing broadband to northern New Mexico, Westco Distribution, HP Communications Inc. and Broadband Planning Group.

    The companies are involved in a special project under the name REDI Net. Discussion for the regional project began in 2009, and started in 2011.

    “It took two years and three subpoenas, but we’re finally getting documents that could explain what happened to a million federal dollars and 12 miles of expensive fiber optic cable,” State Auditor Wayne Johnson said. “Our office is now reviewing the documents that these subpoenas produced, and we’re sharing the documents with the REDI Net Board and the independent auditor for further examination. These federal dollars were meant to help create jobs in northern

    New Mexico with state-of-the-art internet communications. New Mexicans deserve to know that those dollars were used for their benefit, as intended.”

  • Woman shoots and wounds 4 at YouTube, shooter is also dead

    By JEFF CHIU and SUDHIN THANAWALA, Associated Press

    SAN BRUNO, Calif. (AP) — A woman opened fire at YouTube's headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area Tuesday, wounding four people before she shot and killed herself and prompted panic as employees hid and tried to flee, police and witnesses said.

    Officers and federal agents swarmed the company's headquarters complex in the city of San Bruno as multiple 911 reports came in reporting gunfire.

    San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini told reporters that the victims have gunshot wounds and were taken to hospitals.

    A spokesman for San Francisco General Hospital says it received three patients. Spokesman Brent Andrew says a 36-year-old man was in critical condition, a 32-year-old woman was in serious condition and a 27-year-old woman was in fair condition.

    The hospital was expecting more patients but Andrew did not know their conditions.

    Television news footage showed people leaving the building in a line, holding their arms in the air for police to inspect as they were leaving the building. Officers patted down people to make sure none had weapons, and police vehicles surrounded the area.