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  • NEWS ALERT: Explosion damages firing site building

  • Science satellites scour skies for Santa

    A time-honored Christmas tradition is underway again, according to a Los Alamos National Laboratory announcement.

    International audiences of all ages will be closely eyeing the Santa-tracking satellite technology of the laboratory in the coming week.  Starting at 6 a.m. this morning, Los Alamos scientists began using two advanced science satellites to mark the path of the elfin traveler, noting his travels at http://SANTA.LANL.GOV online.

  • Vaccine clinic a success

    Local Public Health Nurse, Megan Pfeffer, was a ray of sunshine during a recent flu shot clinic that showcased her and many volunteers who also shined bright.

    The White Rock clinic, offered by the New Mexico Department of Health, Los Alamos County, Los Alamos Public Schools, Pfeffer and with the help of 23 volunteers, was hopping throughout the morning.

  • Local leaders express holiday wishes

    Each year at this time, local leaders take a moment to send their holiday wishes to the community.

    Rep. Jeannette Wallace is gathering in town with family this year.

    “During this season we’re delighted to be all together. I wish it could be a little warmer but at the same time it really looks and feels like Christmas,” she said.

  • Council clears land transfer hurdle

    Los Alamos County Council took what councilors considered an important step in a complex process of settling land claims among several parties including the federal government and neighboring pueblos.

    At the request of the Pueblo de San Ildefonso, county council held a special meeting at noon Monday to sign a memorandum of agreement (MOA) related to an historic land transfer process.

    The MOA was approved unanimously after discussion.

  • WEATHER UPDATE: Expect more snow today

    Here's the latest update from the National Weather Service issued Wednesday morning:



  • Storm plods through West, Midwest making travel hazardous

    DENVER (AP) " A major winter storm is promising to bring a white Christmas to parts of the West and Midwest, but not without threatening to cause long delays and tough driving conditions for countless holiday travelers.

    The storm is expected to dump more than a foot of snow on parts of Colorado and Southern Utah by midday Wednesday, and blow east into the Plains states through Christmas Day. Blizzard warnings were likely on Christmas Eve in Kansas.

  • See this week's local Police Beat

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  • The spirit of Christmas shines through

    Mike Salmon said he got the idea for a “Christmas Jar,” listening to a Christian radio show.

    “The idea was that a family puts their loose change in a jar all year long and then at the end of the year they decide who to give the money to,” Salmon said.

    The family lives in Los Alamos, where Mike Salmon works at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    He and his sons, Matthew and Ryan are trying out their own version of the idea.

    Salmon said his brother’s family, who has two sets of twins, had wanted to visit Los Alamos to go skiing.

  • Leases approved under deadline pressure

    The Los Alamos School Board had a tough decision to make Tuesday and not much time in which to make it.

    An urgent issue had to do with the leases of school property to Los Alamos National Security (LANS), LLC, the partnership that manages Los Alamos National Laboratory. The income is an important source of revenue for the county’s educational system and particularly for the school board, because it serves as a kind of rainy-day account for emergencies and special projects.