Local News

  • LANL scientist chosen for elite fellowship

    President Bush’s 2008-2009 class of White House Fellows includes David Loaiza, technical staff member at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    The president announced the 14 appointments this week, each selected by the president’s Commission on White House Fellowships, to participate in one of the nation’s most prestigious fellowship programs for leadership development and public service.

    The group, narrowed down from nearly 3,000 applicants, includes a cross-section of medical, education, business and science technology professionals.

  • Ellen Kraus

    KRAUS – Ellen Kraus, a resident of White Rock, N.M., died June 25, 2008, after a long battle with ovarian cancer. Ellen was born in New York City, N.Y., and became a draftswoman for Esso Standard Oil. In 1963, she moved with her family to Los Gatos, Calif. Ellen and her husband retired to Sweet Home, Ore., in 1984, where they worked a 44-acre ranch. They moved to White Rock in 2004.

  • Spotlight on Los Alamos: From wild to mild – One trainer's mission

    “From Wild to Mild” is the mission of local horse trainer Joslyn Pretz.

    She has only two-and-a-half months left to tame and ride the once-wild Darwin, a Nevada mustang she adopted from Paul’s Valley, Okla., in hopes of taking home the top prize at the “Extreme Mustang Makeover” (EMM).

    EMM is a nationwide training competition scheduled to be held in Ft. Worth, Texas, later this year.

  • Arms Control Group honors Domenici

    In honor of his many contributions to arms control efforts, about 30 members of the Los Alamos Committee on Arms Control and International Security (LACACIS) gathered at the Central Avenue Grill Monday to honor retiring Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M.

    Several members commended the senator for his dedication.

    “When you say ‘The Senator’ in Los Alamos everybody knows who you mean,” said Randy Erickson, deputy division leader of the Los Alamos Decision Applications Division.

  • Sneaking employment search under the radar

    An innovative new website allows job hunters to keep employers and others in the dark about their employment seeking activities. The Naples, Fla., corporation, QuietHire.com Inc., is designed to protect applicant identities. This anonymity allows job candidates an opportunity to potentially be discovered by corporations all over the world.

  • State GOP cautions against registering to vote through ACORN

    ACORN, a voter registration group that has operated in New Mexico and other states during the last several election cycles, is being flagged by the state GOP.

    On Friday, the Las Cruces office of the purportedly non-partisan ACORN was broken into and 90 completed voter registration forms were stolen.

    The forms had voters’ social security numbers and dates of birth on them, according to a news release by New Mexico GOP Executive Director Adam Feldman.

  • FBI historian discusses Patriot Act evolution

    ALBUQUERQUE — As a young boy studying government in school, Stephan Marshall never imagined he would be dealing with the Fourth Amendment every day as an adult.

    Now, as chief division counsel and historian of New Mexico’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, Marshall has no doubts about its relevance, he recently told a class of FBI Citizens’ Academy participants as he explained the evolution of the USA Patriot Act.

  • Bear sightings increase

    Noticed that your block of bird feed has disappeared overnight?

    Perhaps your fruit trees have been mysteriously depleted?

    Chances are, a bear has taken a liking to the edibles in your backyard.

    “They’re opportunistic,” said Philmont Taylor, Los Alamos County emergency management coordinator. “They’re omnivores, they’ll eat anything.”

    Reports have started coming in from area residents who say bears have started to invade their stash of bird feed or have been pawing around their property searching for something to eat.

  • Ansell and Reiss launch LA Solutions

    Longtime business partners Margaret Ansell and Rick Reiss welcome the community to visit their new mortgage company, LA Solutions, LLC, at 2101 Trinity Drive, Suite F.

    The team launches its new company on the heels of successful joint and individual endeavors such as the 999 Central Building, occupied by LATA on Central Avenue at 9th Street, the 18-acre Entrada Business Park on East Road and a recently approved Holiday Inn Express project near the airport.

  • Kick insecurities goodbye

    When you kick an attacker, you have to kick hard – and if he or she fights back, you need to be ready for that impact. That’s why at Key Technique Tae Kwon Do, the students really fight.

    “We teach people what they need to know in a real situation,” said co-owner and retired Navy Capt. David Swingle. “We really kick – but we do it safely.”

    In fact, he said, “Safety is everything.”