Local News

  • Casa Mesita on track to regain active status

    The Casa Mesita Group Home will be turning on the lights again and Los Alamos Family Council is also getting some needed help for the remainder of the year from a statewide funding source.

    Officials from ValueOptions New Mexico presented a $100,000 check to Casa Mesita to support the organizations campaign to resume operations, perhaps as early as this summer.

    Also on Wednesday, A $9,500 check went to Los Alamos Family Council.

  • LAPS approves 2008-2009 budget

    The Los Alamos Public School Board of Education approved the 2008-2009 budget, citing concerns over decreased enrollment and discussing ways to relieve increased costs for food services during its special board meeting Thursday.

    In an attempt to make up strong financial losses caused by rising insurance rates and a drop in enrollment, School Board President Steve Girrens and other board members suggested “opening the doors” to out of district students.

  • A fine regard for the visible world

    SANTA FE – When two artists cross paths in a provincial desert, the coincidence may barely register on the busy world. But decades later, the first acquaintance between giants of American art offers an illuminating way to look at each of them, their relation to each other and the similarities and differences in their extraordinary artistic contributions.

  • Diamond in the rough

    Focused efforts are underway to minimize the impact Diamond Drive Phase II has on area businesses, commuters, bicyclists and pedestrians. Council voted 6-to-1 Tuesday in favor of retaining a split-phased traffic signal at the intersection of Diamond Drive / Arkansas Avenue / 38th Street while road construction affects the area’s ebb and flow.

    Council Vice Chair Robert Gibson voted against the motion.

  • Ready to start out on their own

    Senior Hilltoppers have been busy this week practicing their hat toss.

    Two hundred and fifty-three Los Alamos High School students are scheduled to receive their diploma at 9 a.m. Saturday in Griffith Gym, to mark the end of their high school careers.

    “The minute I get my diploma my heart will be completely full – I’m going to be jumping up and down,” LAHS senior Craig Girrens said. “It took a little while to sink in, but I’m trying to make the best out of every moment.”

  • Robot Rodeo highlights operator skills

    A surprisingly agile silver robot made its way across a wooden walkway, picked up a bright yellow Frisbee, rolled backward and hung the Frisbee high on a nail embedded in a wooden stake. The machine then moved on to a nearby table, where it picked up a mousetrap, crossed a pile of car tires and, without tripping it, placed the mousetrap down on another table.

    This was one of 10 innovative courses timed and critiqued by judges during the two-and-a-half-day 2008 Robot Rodeo, which wrapped up today at noon at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  • High incomes earn Hill top rank

    Los Alamos continues to lead the nation in its per-capita population of affluent Americans, according to a Nielsen study released Tuesday.

    Two Connecticut locations, Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk and Torrington, were second and third in the study. Six California communities ranked among the top 20.

    The study defines “affluent American households” as those with income and income producing assets (IPA) in excess of $100,000, a category birthed locally by the city’s largest employer, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  • Memorial Day: World War II theme to highlight program

    Monday’s Memorial Day program at Guaje Pines will feature Ferenc (Frank) Morton Szasz speaking on the theme of New Mexico during the era of the second World War.

    “It’s very important to honor all of the men and women who served our country and this year we want to especially honor our WWII veterans,” said Jim Rubin, program coordinator and member of the local Elks Lodge, adding that the public is invited to attend the annual event.

  • Banking on knowledge: Website redefines values

    The restless energy of the World Wide Web continues to carve out new spaces and inspire new journals, tools and experiences. One quality they seem to have in common is the creation of novel communities with unique shapes and dimensions.

    A few highly successful Internet communities like MySpace and Facebook have become daily accessories to the real world, offering platforms for self-expression with strong social overtones.

    Others, like SecondLife, are rooted in a virtual world with a peculiar emergent life of their own.

  • Hall: ‘No excuse for bad behavior’

    County Council Chair James Hall said he felt ashamed of the behavior exhibited by various community members caught up in the skate park project set for construction in downtown Los Alamos.