Local News

  • McCain-Palin ticket is official

    As the four-day 2008 Republican National Convention came to an end Thursday night, presidential nominee Sen. John McCain and running mate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin waved to the cheering crowd in St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center.

  • Michelle Obama meets military wives

    SANTA FE – Five wives shared with Michelle Obama the struggles they endure while their military husbands are deployed overseas.

    Obama, the wife of Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama, met with the women and an invitation only assembly in the Greer Garson Theater at the College of Santa Fe Thursday morning.

    The potential first lady promised during the roundtable discussion that a Barack Obama administration would strengthen the military and improve health care for veterans.

  • Truce: Experiment reveals coexistence between competing states

    Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, working with an international team of collaborators, have reported a curious scientific phenomenon that seems to defy conventional explanations.

    This peculiar situation has emerged in a series of steps over the last several years. It involves superconductivity and magnetism, well-known rival states of matter that have now been found under certain precise conditions to get along very well.

  • Construction crews begin work on skate park

    Despite residents’ efforts to get the County Council to reconsider the location, contractors began grading the area in front of the Mesa Public Library on Tuesday in preparation for the construction of the much anticipated skate park.

    Jack and Colleen Hanlon filed an appeal on the skate park location in District Court in August, hoping to get the council to reconsider the Mesa Library location.

  • A dream comes true for Pojoaque Pueblo

    POJOAQUE – Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino officially opened under a gentle rain near midday on Wednesday.

    George Rivera, tribal governor for the Pueblo of Pojoaque, said it was a blessing, just like the rain that fell on Aug. 12, when the complex held its “soft” opening,” at least two months ahead of schedule and in time for Indian Market, the biggest tourist attraction for the region.

    Rain is a propitious sign in an arid land.

    Rivera dedicated Buffalo Thunder to the tribal members “past, present and future.”

  • GOP convention back on track

    The damper Hurricane Gustav placed on the opening of the Republican National Convention being held in St. Paul, Minn., has passed.

    With the storm’s relatively light damage to the Gulf Coast region, Tuesday’s agenda was back to full speed.

    Evening speakers included a satellite address by President George W. Bush and a keynote presentation by former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson.

    Bush called presumptive presidential nominee Sen. John McCain “ready to lead this nation.”

  • Sarah Palin makes history at 2008 GOP convention

    History was made Wednesday evening at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., as Sarah Palin became the first Republican woman ever nominated vice president. It was the first time in 24 years, since Democrat Geraldine Ferraro was nominated in 1984, that any woman has even been on a national ticket.

    Millions of people in front of televisions around the world joined some 45,000 delegates, alternates, volunteers, media and guests in St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center to witness the historic moment.

  • Lab names tech transfer partner

    Los Alamos National Laboratory and its for-profit management partnership named two companies as a composite partner in technology transfer over the next three years.

    An announcement by the laboratory Tuesday said LANL and Los Alamos National Security LLC will negotiate with ARCH Venture partners and Verge Fund to manage the Los Alamos Venture Acceleration (LAVA) Initiative.

  • Big projects underway, but where's the money coming from?

    It’s no secret that Los Alamos has some big projects underway and it’s also no secret the county gets most of its money from gross receipts tax.

    That money will help the county fund its operations and programs – including the recently approved list of capital projects totaling more than $159 million.

    Recently, the County Council approved the skate part at Mesa Public Library location at an estimated cost $500,000.

  • Committee hears ins and outs of hydrogen fuel research

    A legislative committee wrapped up two days of hearings Friday with an in-depth presentation on hydrogen technology research at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    Committee Chairman Rep. John Heaton, D-Eddy said one purpose of hearings was to delve into the subject of energy alternatives that were important to the nation.

    “We’ve raised the bar,” he said, before the second session of the Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Committee began at Fuller Lodge.