Local News

  • Council upholds P&Z decision

    County Council heard an appeal at Tuesday night’s meeting regarding architectural design standards.

    Before the appeal was heard however, council recognized the county’s Pavement Division for the awards they won and their participation in the First Annual New Mexico Association of Counties’ Public Works Affiliate Equipment ROADEO. Lino Salazar and Billy Vigil of the county’s Pavement Division accepted the award from Councilor Sharon Stover.

  • Taking her voice right to Washington

    When speaking to the national government, it may sometimes feel as though your voice grows fainter on its way to Washington, D.C. Starting today, Los Alamos resident Kay Kerbyson is bringing her voice right to government officials’ ears.

    Kerbyson is participating in the Ovarian Cancer Research Program, which the Department of Defense sponsors every year.

    The program is handled through the Department of Defense rather than the Department Health, she said because it was believed funds would be received quicker.

  • Helping to maintain the great outdoors

    Jeff Humpton has always been fond of the outdoors. His love of recreation is evident from his surfing days in Orange County, Calif., to his current job as parks superintendent for Los Alamos County.

    Before moving to Los Alamos, Humpton owned his own landscaping business for 12 years.

    But after realizing how stressful it was to run your own business, Humpton opted to work for the Orange County school district. “I wasn’t going home stressed all the time and I liked knowing there was a steady paycheck,” he said.

  • House passes energy bill with a boost

    In a rare gesture, the House added a special gratuity to a funding bill for the Department of Energy and national science laboratories that passed with a substantial majority Friday.

    In the process, they boosted the funds available for Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) by an extra 1 percent.

    “It is wonderfully refreshing to see the house show support for LDRD, which I don’t think we have seen for some time,” said Bob Kraus, deputy director for the Los Alamos LDRD.

  • Departments to be recognized Tuesday

    County council will be back in council chambers on Tuesday and have a somewhat light agenda that night.

    The evening will begin with recognition of the county’s pavement division for awards and participation in the First Annual New Mexico Association of Counties’ Public Works Affiliate Equipped ROADEO. Lino Salazar, Billy Vigil and Scott Halder will accept the recognition.

  • Public hearings set on changes to compulsory school attendance and English Language Arts

    The Public Education Department will conduct public hearings on rule changes for compulsory school attendance and a new rule on English language arts on Friday, July 31, in the State Capital Building, Room 317.

    Public input on Rule Number 6.10.8 Compulsory School Attendance will be held from 10  a.m. to noon.

    The amendments to the Compulsory School Attendance Rule aligns the Rule with changes that occurred to the Compulsory School Attendance Law during the 2009 Legislative Session.

    The amendments:

    • clarify the definition of unexcused absences,

  • The heat beneath our feet

    While the public is still smarting from memories of $4-a-gallon gas, the Department of Energy is offering grants to develop renewable energy resources to reduce carbon emissions and free the country from its dependence on foreign oil.

    Could there be a better time to revisit Los Alamos National Laboratory’s one-of-a-kind, hot dry rock geothermal experiment? Could LANL’s Fenton Hill project be one of the answers demanded by uncertain times?

  • Having fun with science

    Researchers, educators, innovators, businesses and artisans from Los Alamos and the surrounding areas shared their hands-on activities and ideas with the crowd at the Next Big Idea Festival near Ashley Pond on Saturday.

    Children and adults alike gathered around tents that featured a myriad of scientific experiments. While some were reminiscent of school science experiments, others were more complicated.

    The experiments ranged from lava lamps made from vegetable oil, water and food coloring to a hydrogen-powered rocket and a variety of others.

  • Radio antenna location request goes before PZ Wednesday

    Los Alamos community radio station KRSN AM 1490 passed the first step towards receiving site approval for its new antenna from the Parks and Recreation Board last month.

    Station owners David and Gillian Sutton are now set to present their case to the Planning and Zoning Commission at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday in Council Chambers at the Community Building at 20th Street and Central Avenue.

    The Suttons are seeking P and Z approval to locate their antenna in the northeast corner of Loma Linda Park.  

  • P&Z says no to KRSN antenna site

    In a split decision Wednesday evening, the Planning and Zoning Commission denied a special use permit that would have allowed KRSN AM 1490 to place a 1,000 watt radio antenna in Loma Linda Park.

    The 170-foot tall antenna would have enhanced the station’s ability to broadcast in Los Alamos at night.

    Commissioner Fran Berting recused herself from the vote, leaving seven commissioners to hear the issue.

    Well into the four hour meeting in council chambers, Chair Patrick Sullivan suddenly received an emergency phone call and quickly exited the room.