Local News

  • T-Board discusses street standards

    The New Mexico Department of Transportation’s planned improvements for NM 502/DP Road may be on hold for a couple more years, but the Los Alamos County Community Development Division is still working on a plan for complete streets.

    The topic of Downtown Street Standards was on the agenda at the last Transportation Board meeting. At that meeting, the Board met with the Downtown Street Standards Committee to discuss the possible endorsement of the Downtown Street Standards Committee’s vision, goals and objectives.

  • Momentum building for Los Alamos Cooperative Market

    More than 350 people have become members of the Los Alamos Cooperative Market to date.

    Even more joined Saturday when co-op movers and shakers conducted tours for nearly 100 people at the store’s building site in Entrada Business Park, just west of De Colores Restaurant near the Airport Basin.

    “It’s going to be a full grocery store with a deli, meat counter, canned and frozen foods as well as health and beauty products,” co-op Vice President Karen Kendall said.

  • Dwarf car racing turns into big hobby

    David Hand first set eyes on a dwarf car in 2005 when Jim Shinn entered Hand’s shop, Jona Manufacturing Services on DP Road.

    Shinn asked Hand to fabricate some special parts for him. Hand took one look at the undersized racing vehicle and was hooked.

    “I jokingly asked if he needed a driver and he told me  he had had another car,” Hand said during an interview this morning. “We went down in Rendija Canyon and I drove it around, then started racing for him.”

  • Trinity Project showing signs of unraveling

    Instead of the sprawling, retail-filled plans for Trinity Place, Los Alamos residents could end up with a big-box store and a parking lot; and that seems to be all right with at least one county councilor.

    Wade Williams, a partner in The Boyer Company, along with Assistant County Administrator Anthony Mortillaro, Seth Kirshenberg of the Kutak Rock law firm and Kevin Wager of Jones Long LaSalle, were all in council chambers Thursday night for the special session, which revolved around discussion of Trinity Place.

  • Artwork for Eco Station being discussed

    Beautification efforts for the Eco Station continue, with plans to install a piece of artwork moving along.

    On Friday the Art in Public Places Board met to discuss current projects. Among those on the list were the Judicial/Police/Jail Complex and the Eco Station. APP Board Staff Liaison Stephani Johnson was hoping to finalize plans for the JPJ artwork, but instead the Board decided to hold off on a decision regarding the artwork because of comments from councilors.

  • Espanola mayor weighs run for lieutenant governor

    Joseph Maestas is strongly considering a run at the state’s second highest office.

    The Española mayor is meeting with the best political consultants in the state and reaching out to key political organizations, labor unions, progressive organizations and top political leaders across New Mexico to discuss the upcoming political season, he said.

  • The Farmers' Market keeps manager hopping

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  • Smith’s buys Mari-Mac shopping center

    Smith’s Food & Drug Centers, Inc., has purchased the bulk of the property in Mari-Mac Village between Central Avenue and Trinity Drive. 

    Title Guaranty & Insurance Company at 1200 Trinity Dr., filed the special warranty deed in the Los Alamos County Clerk’s office conveying the property from Developers Diversified Realty of Ohio to Smith’s June 3. The plat indicating the perimeters of the property sold was filed in the clerk’s office July 9.

  • Accident victim dies after years in coma

    A tragic chapter for the community and particularly for Efren Martinez of Cordova, N.M. and his family came to a close this week. Martinez died Tuesday after 13 ½ years in a coma caused by a traumatic electrical accident while working for a construction contractor at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    Martinez’ brother-in-law Richard Pacheco, speaking for family, said, “This brings closure to the family. We did not want him to be forgotten.”

  • Lujan Center touts string of successes

    A burgeoning number of college students and seasoned scientists from across the globe are conducting research projects together at the Manuel Lujan, Jr. Neutron Scattering Center.

    The 150,000 square-foot facility is unique in many ways as nationally recognized, award-winning scientist Alan Hurd pointed out during an in-depth tour on Tuesday afternoon.