Local News

  • Biographer to give Oppenheimer lecture

    Sitting before the Personnel Security Board of the Atomic Energy Commission in April 1954, J. Robert Oppenheimer found his eligibility for a security clearance under attack. Like the mythical Greek hero Prometheus, who was caught stealing fire from the gods, Oppenheimer, was about to go through a punishing ordeal.

  • Makeover draws community support

    Refusing to let another business go under, residents are launching an emergency makeover on Daylight Delights. Community leader Mike Luna came up with the idea and likened it to an Amish barn-raising.

     “When someone’s barn burns down in the Amish community, they all band together to build a new one,” Luna said. “Melinda and Kevin (Albright) are struggling and something has to be done to help keep their business open.”

    People are coming forward to contribute time, talent - even decorative materials, as news of the makeover spreads.

  • FBI rallies around dying puppy

    Spotting the lifeless body of a small puppy lying on the side of a road was particularly difficult for two members of the Albuquerque FBI.

    Special Agent Diana Parker and Victim Assistance Coordinator Dana Hernandez, both long-time dog owners, were on official business inside New Mexico’s Navajo Indian Reservation when they took a wrong turn and came upon the bleeding canine.

    Although the agents assumed the dog was dead, when Hernandez glanced in her rear-view mirror, she saw the injured animal raise his head. She turned her truck around.

  • Alternate site considered

    Two options exist for Los Alamos County’s new Municipal Building. The first keeps the building at its previous location, nestled between Ashley Pond and the police station. The second moves it several blocks to the east, at 15th and Trinity Drive where Hill Diner, Magistrate Court, and the Elks and Shriners clubs currently reside.

    County Council heard intricate details of both options during a special session beginning Thursday night and ending early this morning in Council Chambers.

  • Nuclear power pack gains backers

    When friends ask Los Alamos entrepreneur John “Grizz” Deal what he’s up to these days, he says, “I’m working on the world’s first transportable nuclear reactor.”

    Deal is the CEO of Hyperion Power Generation Inc., with an office in Santa Fe and a co-development team at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    The company announced Wednesday that it has completed its second round of development and is off to the races toward a goal of producing about 4,000 hot-tub sized power generators.

  • Are your child's shots up to date?

    The first day of school is no time to find out there’s a few immunizations missing on your paperwork. Unfortunately, many parents don’t realize something is lacking until the first day of school.

    Those missing immunizations are often detected upon entry to kindergarten or as students transfer in from other districts. Middle school parents might also need to be aware that there are additional immunization requirements for entry into the seventh grade.

  • Carlie Rose Conley

    CONLEY – Carlie Rose Conley, 9-and-a-half months, a resident of Los Alamos, passed away peacefully from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Saturday, July 26, 2008.

    Carlie was a premature baby and a survivor of rare neonatal conditions, but proved to be a fighter. She was a little spitfire and persevered through everything. Carlie was “the Little Sister” to her brother Troy. They were truly best friends, sharing everything from sippy cups to snuggles.

  • Skate park poll hacked?

    A computer savvy individual recently alerted the Monitor that its online survey program is vulnerable and may have been hacked.

    The sharp-eyed web surfer, who calls himself “a concerned computer geek,” explained in an e-mail sent to the Monitor Friday that because he noticed the voting numbers on the skate park poll “jumped in a hurry.” He started reading the poll script used on the Monitor’s website to see how easy it would be to “stuff ballots.”

  • Upgrade complete on Grand Canyon Drive

    Gov. Richardson’s Investment Partnership Program, GRIP II, currently has 34 projects in design, 32 under construction and nine completed, including the Grand Canyon Drive Roadway Rehabilitation Project, which was celebrated by a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 90 Grand Canyon Drive in White Rock Wednesday.

    Los Alamos County Council Vice Chair Robert Gibson and Adjutant Secretary Rebecca Montoya from the New Mexico Department of Transportation joined other officials for the afternoon event.

  • Yucca Mountain stalemate

    From the geological perspective, a quarter century or so is not a lot of time. But for many observers, progress in creating the world’s first geological high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada has been so glacially slow as to seem like no motion at all.