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  • Wilson campaigns as 'common-sense' conservative

    No stranger to Los Alamos, Rep. Heather Wilson, R-N.M., paid a visit to the county Friday in her bid to win the Republican nomination to try to fill the shoes of departing Sen. Pete Domenici.First, she faces Rep. Steve Pearce, R-N.M., of Hobbs and the winner of that contest is likely to meet Rep.

  • Revisiting Mercury, new sights abound

    The first fly-by of Mercury has thrilled the international team of space scientists who have waited 30 years for their virtual return to the smallest and nearest planet to the sun.Completing the first leg of a 2 billion-mile trip, featuring a gravity boost from Venus, the MESSENGER spacecraft zipped past its destination this month, snapping pictures and grabbing data.It was the first of three fly-bys for NASA’s MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging  (MESSENGER) spacecraft that will slow the trajectory down and drop it into a long-

  • T-board intends to take on more work projects

    The Transportation Board held a special meeting Thursday to fill in the blanks of the work plan template provided to them by the county.The county requires each of the boards and commissions to submit an annual work plan for review each February, so this is the time of year for each board to define what issues they want to deal with in the upcoming months. The work plan year runs concurrently with the fiscal year, from July 1, 2008, through June 30, 2009.Each item on the work plan must fit within the county’s vision statement, adopted by coun

  • Presidential campaigns hit New Mexico

    SANTA FE/ALBUQUERQUE — Sen. Edward Kennedy gave a rousing campaign speech in support of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama during a stop at Santa Fe Community College Thursday afternoon. Former president Bill Clinton did the same for his wife Hillary in Albuquerque on the University of New Mexico campus.At the Kennedy event, members of a capacity crowd of several hundred people, filling the SFCC Jemez Room and spilling out into the hall, craned their necks to catch a glimpse of the senior senator from Massachusetts.

  • Putting heads in beds

    The Lodger’s Tax Advisory Board has one specific task: to put heads in beds. Its efforts are financed by a tax charged at the county’s lodging establishments, and reports from those establishments show that business is improving.“The White Rock Hampton Inn said that this was the highest December since they’ve begun tracking,” said Ron Selvage at the board’s monthly meeting on Tuesday.

  • Richardson unhappy with health bill

    SANTA FE – A little past midway in the 30-day legislative session, Gov. Bill Richardson does not like what he sees happening to his highest legislative priority: universal health care for New Mexicans.Up until Wednesday, he said, he saw little action on his health care agenda, which was bad enough.

  • Dozier selected as finalist in Intel Science Talent Search

    Los Alamos High School senior Benjamin Edward Dozier is a finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search 2008 (Intel STS). Dozier, 18, receives $5,000, a new laptop and the chance to compete for more than $1 million in scholarships in what’s considered the oldest and most prestigious high school science competition in the nation.Dozier described his reaction to the big news during an interview this morning. “It was completely unexpected,” he said. “I thought I had some chance at being a semifinalist, but no chance at being a finalist.

  • Film crews to return Friday

    The Hill can expect another taste of Hollywood – and a few traffic detours – in February as Brothers Productions, LLC, returns for more filming on the motion picture “Brothers.”On Friday, Chamisa Street (Barranca Mesa) will be closed to thru-traffic while crews are filming. On Monday, crews will be filming at the ice rink all day in Los Alamos Canyon. The rink will be closed to the public and there will be no thru-traffic via West Road. West Road will be closed from its south access point on N.M.

  • Lab gets second beam going

    Under construction for 20 years, a major scientific facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory is living up to its name.The Dual Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test Facility (DARHT) has operated its first axis of one electron accelerator beam since 1999. This week, DARHT won approval to begin operating with its second linear accelerator, achieving dual axis status at last.“We’ll be doing our first dual-axis hydro test this summer,” said Ray Scarpetti, the DARHT Axis Two project director.

  • How long is temporary?

    When the Community Building was remodeled to serve as an impermanent home for the Municipal and District courts as well as for Council Chambers, the county was assured by Judge James A. Hall that the space would be approved for use as a courtroom as long as it was only temporary. At the time, new courtrooms were planned in the Judicial Police/Jail Complex.However, council stepped back from its Aug. 21 decision to proceed with the complex on Oct. 3. Hall and Court Administrator Stephen Pacheco then reconsidered their approval.In a letter dated Oct.