Local News

  • County, NNSA reach agreement

    After 11 years of not having a contract, Los Alamos County and the National Nuclear Security Administration struck a deal to provide fire department services for the protection of Los Alamos County and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    The contract signed Tuesday will provide the county and LANL with fire protection and emergency medical services for five years.

  • Environmental Sustainability Board off to a good start

    The Environmental Sustainability Board seems to be off and running. They held their third meeting as a group Sept. 18 in the conference room of the Community Building, where they handled a few orders of business.

    The ESB staff is currently working on an implementation plan for the Sustainability Initiative. The Board decided that the work plan should be adjusted to match the implementation plan.

    The work plan will be updated by staff and brought to the next meeting in October.

  • Interim bill continues lab funds

    Almost unnoticed in the sound and fury surrounding the financial bailout legislation over the weekend, the Senate passed a continuing resolution to fund a number of federal agencies, including the Department of Energy and its national laboratories.

    Los Alamos National Laboratory, facing some significant cuts in a House version of the energy appropriations bill, will continue operating for five months at roughly the same level as last year.

  • Independents critical to elections; fighting for inclusion

    There are more than 50 third party groups registered in the United States. Independents number in the millions.

    Their percentage has grown substantially in recent years and in some states, such as New Jersey, the actual registration of non-partisans now exceeds Democrats or Republicans, according to Colliers website.

    More major party members are moving to independent status. Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman switched from Democrat to independent in 2006 and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg changed his party affiliation from Republican to independent last year.

  • Serving the Unitarian Church of Los Alamos 24 hours a day

    The Rev. John Cullinan jokes with his congregation at the Unitarian Church of Los Alamos that his job is something that he wanted to do since he was 5 years old.

    The truth is, Cullinan grew up Catholic and after college he attended a Unitarian Church in Milwaukee. It was there that he found his life-long career.

    Although in some respects the job seems to last 24 hours, Cullinan still looks forward to Sunday mornings at church.

    “I enjoy leading worship on Sunday,” he said, “that’s the highlight of my week.”

  • LANB recognized for scoreboard contribution

    Principal Grace Brown, Athletic Director Vicki Nelms and others expressed their appreciation to Los Alamos National Bank for making a new scoreboard possible for Los Alamos High School.

  • NNSA: No new pits (for now)

  • Council candidates weigh in on skate park/Municipal Building

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the third of a series of questions asked by the Monitor to the five candidates running for County Council. The candidates responses run each Sunday leading up to early and absentee voting, which begins Oct. 7. The election is Nov. 4.

    Mug shots of each...

  • Espaola truck company gets county contract

    The planned Los Alamos County Eco Station moved one step closer to becoming a reality Tuesday night during the County Council meeting in White Rock.

    Environmental Manager Regina Wheeler presented a motion to council suggesting approval for a contract for general services with Salazar Trucking Co., Inc., in Espaola. Councilor Fran Berting moved to approve the motion, which was seconded by Councilor Jim West.

    After a vote, the motion passed 5-0.

  • County to consider downtown purchase

    It's no secret that Los Alamos County has an ambitious load of projects that they are working on in an effort to improve the quality of life on the hill. Some of those projects are nearing completion, like the first phase of the Diamond Drive project and the skate park, while others are more long-term works in progress, like the Entrada project and the new judicial/police/jail complex.