Local News

  • Local jury moves to Santa Fe to deliberate

    Jurors in the suit-counter suit court case held this week in the Community Building moved to Santa Fe this morning.

      The five man, one-woman jury began deliberating shortly before noon Thursday in the Ted Vives vs. Linda Hull lawsuit in which Hull filed a counter-suit.

    Judge James Hall asked the jury at

    4:45 p.m. if they were anywhere near a decision and they said they were not.

  • A tale of two municipal building sites

    Participants drilled into the final two options for siting a new Municipal Building Thursday night.

    FBT Architects gave a 3-D presentation that illustrated 10 possible designs for the two remaining locations.

    The presentation was meant to help the Municipal Building Site Selection and Steering Committee make a decision between Site 6 and Site 13. They will present their recommendation to the County Council on Oct. 27.

  • Quality of life: A stroll down Central

    Don Kendall, a member of LA walks, spent some time recently taking a good look at the changes that have occurred along Central Avenue, thanks to a million-dollar enhancement project between Mari-Mac Plaza and downtown.

    “We’re finding that a lot of people didn’t realize what has happened,” he said Thursday. “They haven’t been in the area for a number of years, even if they live nearby.”

    He wondered how much of the transformation he could capture in a single photograph.

  • Sex offender says he learned to control urges

    In day two of the defamation case underway in District Court, registered sex offender Ted Vives told jurors he learned during three years of therapy how to control the urges that led him to have sex with a student in Florida in 1990.

  • LANB donates $50,000 to United Way

    Once again, Los Alamos National Bank thrills the crowd of non-profit service organizations throughout Los Alamos and Rio Arriba counties with a $50,000 donation to United Way.

    United Way Board President Jill Cook and board member Dara McKinney, both LANB officials, presented the check to campaign chair Ralph Damiani this evening at a FAN Club event at the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce.

    View photos of the big event in Thursday's Los Alamos Monitor.

  • Sex offender issue has taken heavy toll on families

    Spouses took the stand today describing the impact the five-year clash between registered sex offender Ted Vives and community activist Linda Hull has had on their lives.

    Read the full story in Thursday's Los Alamos Monitor.

  • Testimony reveals heavy toll on families

    Spouses took the stand Wednesday describing the impact the five-year clash between registered sex offender Ted Vives and community activist Linda Hull has had on their lives.

    Paula Vives spoke of the fear and humiliation she has endured in the community and at work since marrying registered sex offender Thomas Edward (Ted) Vives a couple of years ago.

    She told the jury she and Vives talked through his criminal past before they married.

  • CMRR Rad-Lab is up

    Los Alamos National Laboratory’s projected Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement facility is still very much alive, despite obstacles that line its way to an uncertain future.

    Another in a series of peaceful, court-imposed meetings Wednesday night brought together officials in charge of LANL’s CMRR facility and a group of “interested parties,” among other members of the public.

  • Councilors hedge bets on future fuel prices

    The Los Alamos County Council Tuesday night approved a new arrangement to purchase discounted natural gas within a long-term plan.

    Councilors voted 4-1 in favor of authorizing John Arrowsmith, the county’s director of public utilities to sign an agreement for Los Alamos, along with the New Mexico Municipal Energy Acquisition Authority (NMMEAA) to enter into a pre-paid natural gas transaction with a variable gas discount structure that could save Los Alamos residents an estimated $750,000 a year in gas for the next 30 years.

  • Frugal Friday offers food related fun

    The Betty Ehart Senior Center is hoping residents will take advantage of the center as it presents its final Frugal Friday this week. The food related fun is a chance for the senior center to spotlight the chefs during National Senior Center month.

    The day in the life of these chefs starts much earlier than for others. Chef Fred Ortiz and Chef Michael Mason begin their day when the sun comes up, in order to serve the seniors each day.