Local News

  • Police find missing woman in five minutes

    A 77-year-old local Alzheimer’s patient was returned to her husband after Los Alamos Police detectives found her unharmed Tuesday morning. The woman wandered away from her husband at about 10 a.m. in downtown Los Alamos.“The woman’s husband called and said he was inside a business near 15th and Central Avenue when he looked around and discovered his wife was missing,” said Det. Shari Mills.

  • Council: Demolition could begin in May

    The landmark Municipal Building could come down as soon as May with the site restoration completed in August, the Los Alamos County Council was informed at its regular meeting Tuesday.The council voted 6-to-0 to authorize an agreement with Paul Parker Construction, a New Mexico Corporation with an office in Los Alamos, providing for demolition and remediation services.

  • Another reason to ride the bus

    Atomic City Transit and Los Alamos National Laboratory are co-sponsoring an Earth Day contest to reduce Los Alamos County’s carbon footprint. Driving a recent model mid-sized car 20,000 miles per year emits about 11 tons of CO2. By taking the bus for just one week, riders can reduce their emissions by about 100 pounds per vehicle.

  • Spin a wheel, save the Earth

    Keeping in line with PEEC’s Earth Day theme this year, Matt Dickens has many hot ideas for a cool county.

  • Donations needed to help wounded soldier

    A benefit rummage sale to help a wounded soldier is being held from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. April 26 at 2900 Southern Blvd. in Rio Rancho by the Rio Rancho Chapter of Blue Star Mothers of America Inc.One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale will be given to the family of Eric Schei, Rio Rancho’s wounded warrior.Eric, who is now cared for at home, sustained permanent, traumatic brain injury while deployed to Iraq with the U.S.

  • Straight talk from UNM president

    At his installation as the 20th president of the University of New Mexico in October 2007, David J. Schmidly promised to meet with communities across the state. He fulfilled that promise in Los Alamos Tuesday. His day was jam-packed with interviews at KRSN, a meeting with UNM-Los Alamos Executive Director Cedric Page and Rep.

  • Consent order milestones at risk

    Officials of the Department of Energy now acknowledge that they are likely to default on some of the deadlines that have been agreed upon between the state, the federal government and the managers of Los Alamos National Laboratory.The chief operations officer for environmental management said in a letter responding to a new report by the inspector general that some milestones will be missed regardless of the approach that is taken.“Moreover, some of the relevant agreements were negotiated many years ago, with incomplete knowledge by any of the parties of the

  • Skate Park plan rolls forward

    Los Alamos County Council’s approval Tuesday to proceed to the 60-percent design phase of the skate park met with audience applause. The project is on track for completion in August at a price tag of just under a half-million dollars.Council Chairman Jim Hall called the revised plans “outstanding design.”During public commentary, Greg Kendall said, “It will liven up an underwhelming part of our town.

  • Gorbachev calls for global restructuring

    SANTA FE – Mikhail Gorbachev gave a lecture and held a press conference here Monday about saving the world – “one step at a time.”Winston Churchill memorably called the Russia of the “iron curtain” and the gulag archipelagos “a riddle  wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” But there was very little of the mysterious about the former President of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

  • Spotlight on Los Alamos: Students to represent the Hill at international event

    In garages and in nature, two Los Alamos High School students recently spent months testing their scientific knowledge. What they created only few have seen or even imagined.Now, high school junior Caroline Wurden and freshman Alexander Kendrick are sharing their discoveries not only with the country, but with the world.Both young scientists will participate in the International Science and Engineering Fair, to be held May 11-16 in Atlanta.