Local News

  • GOP fields bevy of challengers in bid to gain control of NM House

    SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico Republicans have fielded more challengers against Democratic incumbents in state House races than they have in a decade.

    Democratic incumbents face GOP candidates in 25 legislative races this year.

    Democrats have maintained a majority in the House for nearly 60 years.

    This year is a critical election for both parties because of redistricting.

  • State could face more budget woes

    SANTA FE — There are troublesome clouds looming on New Mexico’s financial horizon and if the problems continue to grow it could mean another round of budget cuts.

    Revenue collections for the current budget year are running $76 million below what had been anticipated, according to the Legislative Finance Committee.

    That spells potential trouble for public schools, colleges, courts and state agencies, although it could be July or August before it’s clear whether weak revenues force more budget reductions.

  • CRC doubles up

    The Charter Review Committee (CRC) will hold two meetings next week. The first meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday in council chambers, in order to review the recommendations of its first Issues Analysis Subcommittee working on “Poor Communications, Transparency and Engagement” solutions. The subcommittee will present its list of possible solutions to the full CRC for discussion and feedback.

  • Verdict on new principal draws closer

    Finalists for principal of Los Alamos High School faced a crowd of some 30 people gathered in the Speech Theater Thursday evening to assess which would best lead the school.

    Local teachers and administrators comprised roughly 50 percent of the audience attending the “meet the finalists forum.”

    Parents, school board members and community leaders  made up the remainder of the group listening to Sandy Warnock and Claudia Krause-Johnson speak.

  • Council keeps retail hope alive

    County councilors unanimously approved a motion at Tuesday’s council meeting that will keep the Trinity Development Project’s wheels in motion.

    The motion authorizes staff to proceed with the process for solicitation of a developer for the redevelopment of the Trinity Site via direct engagement and a Request for Proposals.

  • Obama inks nuke pact with Russia

    PRAGUE (AP) — Casting aside years of rancor, President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday signed the biggest nuclear arms pact in a generation, lacing the moment with new warnings of sanctions for an intransigent Iran.

    The treaty, sealed after months of halting negotiation, is significant not just for what it does but for what it symbolizes: a fresh start for the United States and Russia, and evidence to a watching world that nuclear disarmament is more than a goal.

  • Changes begin at LAMC

    Los Alamos Medical Center (LAMC) is entering the final phase of its renovation project. Visitors should be aware of some upcoming temporary changes:

    • Carpet installation began Monday on the first floor and will continue throughout the week. All work is being done at night starting at 6 p.m. and finishing no later than 5 a.m. each day.

    • Elevator entrance closures on the first floor will also be scheduled during installation of ceramic tile beginning at 9 p.m. Friday and continuing through 5 p.m. Saturday.

  • CHC in jeopardy

    New Mexico Health Secretary Alfredo Vigil, announced Tuesday that the Department of Health has had to make difficult decisions about the services it provides to deal with an almost $24.4 million reduction in next year’s budget.

    Cuts include nearly $3 million for community health councils.

    “We are trying to minimize the impact of our budget cuts as we realize that some of our cuts will affect New Mexicans in almost every community,” Vigil said. “We will continue to provide technical assistance to Community Health Councils …”

  • Preserve inches closer to becoming a national park

    A public  hearing was held  during Tuesday night’s county council meeting regarding the Valles Caldera National Prerserve’s inclusion in the national park system.

  • Board OKs tuition hike effective with summer semester

    Those bumper stickers with the phrase, “my kid and my money go to (a) university” will pack even more of a punch in upcoming semesters as institutions of higher education grapple with budget shortfalls. 

    At UNM-LA, the advisory board approved a 9 percent increase in tuition during its meeting Monday. This would make the fee $53.50 per credit hour, which will go into effect with the 2010 summer semester.