Local News

  • Bandelier Wilderness fire runs it course

    A fire that began on Thursday in a remote area of Bandelier National Park is still smoldering, despite the wet weather in the area Monday.

    “It has gotten some rain on it,” said Marla Rodgers, the park’s assistant fire management officer. “However, it still has some smoke on it. With the warming and drying trend over the next few days, we expect we’ll be seeing smoke for awhile.”

    As soon as the fire was reported by a hiker who saw smoke coming from the next canyon over, the park service flew out to size it up.

  • Lab completes round of hot waste deliveries

    It wasn’t easy getting started, but after the first canisters of remote-handled waste made it out of Los Alamos National Laboratory, they have been rolling down the road on a regular basis.

    On Thursday afternoon, almost exactly a month after the first shipment departed, the laboratory announced that the 16th and final load took off for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in southern New Mexico.

    In the month that followed, the campaign averaged four deliveries a week.

  • Residents seek to change the charter

    Residents concerned about the decisions and accountability of the county government gathered last Sunday at Urban Park for a community information session.

    Ellen Walton of the L.A. Governmental Review Initiative said the group was formed last August in response to what she called a lack of checks and balances in the council.

    “We don’t see the county changing the way it does things,” Walton said. “And we want to see more citizen participation.”

  • Tucker Tapped For Fire Chief

    County Administrator Max Baker has appointed Deputy Fire Chief Doug Tucker to fire chief of the Los Alamos Fire Department.

    “Doug is very qualified and prepared to be the Fire Chief for Los Alamos County,” Baker said. “His many years of experience both with the County as deputy fire chief and from his time with the Phoenix Fire Department have demonstrated an admirable career of that complete preparation.

  • Captured fugitive accepting responsibility and facing consequences

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part three of a three-part series covering the life of Leslie Kathryn Draper as recounted by her during a jailhouse interview.

    Los Alamos police exercised a search warrant on a Villa Street home in late February. They worked with state police and the Clandestine Meth Lab Unit out of Albuquerque to address and remove hazardous materials found inside the bedroom in which Leslie Kathryn Draper had been staying.

    Draper was not home and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

  • More work gets underway at ABS

    A lot can happen in a short amount of time.

    It seems that not so long ago, the new Holiday Inn Express at the Entrada Site was nothing more than a sign announcing that construction would soon be underway. Today, the hotel is taking shape, as are the buildings at the Airport Basin Site.

    A few months ago, a drive along N.M. 502 in front of DeColores Restaurant did not give a passersby any indication of what might be going on behind the restaurant. Today, rooftops peek out over the rim of the “bowl” behind the De Colores parking lot.

  • Lab finds second chick of threatened owls

    A new little offspring of a pair of Mexican spotted owls has just been found at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    The laboratory is a known habitat for two nesting couples, and now both pairs of the threatened species have new chicks.

    The Mexican spotted owl is one of a handful of threatened species at Los Alamos. Their habitat is protected and they coexist with the nuclear weapons business under special conditions and dispensations.

  • Smith’s store responds to recall

    Employees at the Smith’s Food and Drug Store in Los Alamos were prepared for questions from the public Wednesday about the expanded recall of a suspected beef item.

    They said customers had asked about the situation and that the store had readily accepted returns of about 20 pounds of meat.

  • Casa Mesita re-opens its doors

    The atmosphere was clearly jovial at a gathering of volunteers and supporters who’ve labored since 2007 to ensure Casa Mesita Girls Home re-opened its doors to young girls in need.

    The attractive home on Sycamore officially re-opened June 26 during a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce.

  • Team Jim West focuses on Friday