Local News

  • Preserve expands grazing program

    ALBUQUERQUE – The Valles Caldera National Preserve has selected Gary Morton, a cattle grower from Las Vegas, N.M., for a contract to manage its 2008 grazing programThe announcement made during the regular board meeting Friday followed a discussion of the summer forage capacity that underpinned a decision to quadruple the number of cattle on the preserve this summer.Preserve scientist Bob P

  • DARHT gets kudos from headquarters

    During a recent trip to Los Alamos National Laboratory, a senior official of the National Nuclear Security Administration made a special point of visiting the hydrotest facility.Steve Goodrum, assistant deputy administrator, science engineering and production, said that after his trip was scheduled

  • Organic flame-roasted chile heats up local stores

    With the increasing trend toward eating organic, Smith’s Food and Drug Centers in Los Alamos and White Rock are stocking organic flame-roasted chopped green chile from Bueno Foods.“We see an increase in organic food sales almost weekly,” said John Roberts, store manager of Smith’s on Central Avenue. “We’re trying to expand our organic products line every opportunity we have. Along with the organic green chile, we’re stocking organic foods in almost every category including canned vegetables, fresh produce and meats.

  • Keith Edward Bingham

    BINGHAM – Keith Edward Bingham stepped into eternity from complications due to Parkinson's disease March 9th, 2008 in Belen, New Mexico. The son of James Edward Bingham and Cora Emily Dunn, Keith was born March 4th, 1927 in Manassa, Colorado.

  • New leaders installed on school board

    The school board unanimously elected Steve Girrens as  president, Joan Ahlers vice president and Kenneth Johnson secretary at Tuesday's school board meeting held in the high school Speech Theater.The new officers shared their thoughts and plans for the coming year."We are making extreme progress in benchmarking ourselves with comparable school districts across the nation and charting our course for the next 20 years," said Girrens who most recently serv

  • Living off the land

    “This earth gives to you all that you need,” Emigdio Ballon said, when he spoke to the Los Alamos Sustainability Energy Network on Thursday. “You get everything you need from the Mother.”Ballon is the agricultural resources director for Tesuque Pueblo, directing a program to bring food self-sufficiency to the Pueblo.Tesuque Pueblo has an agricultural initiative that is not quite three years old.

  • Fire department hails local heroes

    Flames raging from a chimney top at 10-A Verde Ridge Thursday night caught the attention of nearby residents Mark and Martha Katko.

  • White Rock strategy ready for primetime

    When the county council meets on Tuesday in White Rock Town Hall, the council will get its first glimpse of a master plan that has been several months in the making.After dozens of stakeholder interviews, several steering committee meetings and four well-attended community forums, consultants Jay Renkens and Chris Beynon of planning firm Moore Iacofano Goitsman (MIG) are ready to return to White Rock with a plan that reflects the community’s desires.Renkens said that the plan shows the beginnings of an implementatio

  • Jilted claimants medical costs will be covered

    The Los Alamos National Laboratory employees who found themselves liable for medical services that they thought were covered under the laboratory health plan learned Thursday that their costs would be covered by the plan after all.Some 35 of the claimants attended a meeting with officials of the lab’s Human Resources Division Thursday where they learned an agreement between LANL and United Health Care (UHC), the administrator of its medical plan, was “99.9 percent” done, said Rob Vitek, a spokesperson for the group.The laboratory has acknowledged

  • PRC candidate seeks to elevate board competency

    The job of PRC commissioner is too important and too complex for politics as usual, patronage, inexperience or on-the-job training, said Democratic candidate Bruce Throne during a recent visit to the Monitor.

    The Santa Fe attorney and former assistant attorney general said, "The Public Regulation Commission's decisions affect every resident, business, school, government institution and other member of the public in New Mexico every single day. Good intentions are not enough

    for this job. The devil is in the details. Thats what Ive spent most of my legal career learning.