Local News

  • Harvey E. Yates Jr. to speak at Hilltop House

    Harvey E. Yates Jr., who was elected chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico in January, will be the guest speaker for the Los Alamos Republican Party’s regularly scheduled meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday.

    The meeting will be held in one of the meeting rooms at the Hilltop House Hotel.

    All Republicans are invited to attend this event of which there is no charge.

  • ‘Map of Science,” reflects the new bit-sized world

    A team of cyber-scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory has found a novel approach for measuring the global scientific enterprise, bit by bit.

    Johan Bollen of LANL’s Mathematical Modeling and Analysis Group led the investigation, published this week as “Clickstream Data Yields High Resolution Maps of Science” in the current issue of the Public Library of Science (PLoS).

    Bollen said the findings may change the way science is funded.

  • LANB president discusses economy

    The economy right now is kind of like a bad pile up on the freeway, said President Steve Wells of Los Alamos National Bank. How bad it is depends on where you are.

    If you’re in that 100-car pile up it’s bad, he said. For drivers towards the rear of all the backed-up traffic, they’re probably complaining like heck. But for those drivers closer up, they can actually see what happened and understand it a little better.

    Others watch the pile up all day on TV, Wells said, and the news these days is like watching every pile up in the world.

  • Alpine Laser Dental marks 10 years of service

    Dr. Curtis Brookover, DDS, and his staff at Alpine Laser Dental are celebrating a decade of service to the community.

    Brookover recently took time to reflect on the industry’s technological advances of recent years.

    “Dentistry today is vastly different from what it was just 15 or 20 years ago, though public perception still hasn’t caught up with the advances the field of dentistry has made,” he said. “Dentistry has moved beyond only the teeth in facilitating our patients achieve health and wellness.”

  • APP Board call for artists a success

    Three time’s a charm, or so the old saying goes. But in the case of the Art in Public Places Board’s call for artists, twice might just do the trick.

    The board put out a call for artists last fall in the hope of attracting folks that would be interested in having their work etched on the bus shelters that had been constructed. The call for artists, however, was not as successful as the board had hoped because only two proposals were received.

  • Emergency drill planned for DP Road

    The hazardous waste cleanup site along DP Road will be the focus of a coordinated emergency exercise next week.

    The operation will involve several vehicles from the county and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Los Alamos Fire Department, county emergency officials, LANL management and protective services will also participate in what will become a series of exercises as the project progresses.

  • Police credit residents for helping catch thieves

    A man walking along a Denver Steel street lifting car door handles caught the attention of a resident who alerted police. That tip led police officers to James (Jimmy) Carpenter who confessed to the bulk of recent vehicle break-ins.

    Carpenter admitted to opening the car doors of a number of vehicles and taking the things inside during a spree that spread throughout Los Alamos and into White Rock since at least Feb. 24, according to police reports.

  • Reasons behind high school drop outs

    Exploring the motivations and concerns of students who decide to drop out of high school is the subject of the latest study conducted by three area teens.

    Los Alamos Youth Mobilizers Annie Chroninger, 17, Josh Dolin, 16,  and Emi Weeks, 16, presented their findings to the board of education and administrators Tuesday evening in the Speech Theater.

    “The reason why we really wanted to do this project is there was a lack of data on how much the issue was affecting youth in the community,” Weeks said.

  • Eco Station to take e-waste more frequently

    Getting rid of old electronics in a safe, responsible manner just got easier. The first monthly Electronic Waste and TV Recycling Event will be held at the Los Alamos County Eco Station Saturday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

    Staff from Albuquerque Recycling Inc. will be on hand, along with staff from the environmental services department and local Boy Scout volunteers, who will all work to collect and pack trucks with recycled materials.

  • School board takes on new look

    The Los Alamos Board of Education starts its new year with two new members and three new officers.

    Magistrate Judge Pat Casados delivered the oath of office to Melanie McKinley and Thelma Hahn at the top of Tuesday evening’s school board meeting in the high school speech theater.

    Once the members were sworn in, the board elected new officers. By unanimous vote, Joan Ahlers became president, Ken Johnson vice president and Jody Benson secretary.