Local News

  • Cell phone numbers aren't going public

    Contrary to E-mail circulating the Internet, threats of a telemarketing onslaught commencing next month are not true. Cell phone numbers are not going public, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which manages the National Do Not Call Registry.

    Telemarketers do occasionally reach cell phone numbers. To prevent this, as well as land line calls, register the numbers on the National Do Not Call list at 1-888-382-1222. Requests must be made from the intended cell phone or land line number as requests from any other phone disallows the request.

  • Chu seems assured of Energy confirmation

    The president-elect’s choice for Energy Secretary wasted no time getting to his strong suit.


    After greetings to the members of the Senate energy committee in Washington Tuesday, and thanking Barack Obama for nominating him, Steven Chu plunged into the challenges ahead.


    “Climate change is a growing and pressing problem,” he said. “It is now clear that if we continue on our current path, we run the risk of dramatic, disruptive changes to our climate system in the lifetimes of our children and grandchildren.”

  • School board discusses Trinity Place partnership

    The Los Alamos Public Schools board was taken through the steps of the Trinity Place partnership between the school district and the Los Alamos County during its regular board meeting Tuesday night.


    To help the board visualize the process, Superintendent Mary McLeod and board member Joan Ahlers presented a slide show.


    Ahlers emphasized all the information is subject to change.


  • White Rock Master Plan moving along

    Branding a town and helping that town find an identity that is appealing to visitors is no easy task. Just ask the White Rock Center Master Plan Implementation Committee.


    Those folks have been working diligently to find ways to make White Rock appealing and tap into some of the quarter of a million visitors that go to Bandelier each year.


  • Redmond elected state treasurer

    Former 3rd District Rep. Bill Redmond of Los Alamos is the state’s newly elected GOP treasurer. He was elected Saturday during a New Mexico Central Committee meeting in Albuquerque.


    Longtime GOP leader JoAnn Johnson, also of Los Alamos, nominated Redmond to the two-year post.


  • School board includes town hall on Trinity Development Project

  • Review of CIP applications underway

    Review of the Capital Improvement Projects applications began on Monday night at White Rock Fire Station #3, with a good public turnout.


    The meeting marked the first in a series that will be held in an effort to review the applications that were received during the CIP cycle, which opened in October 2008.


    The CIP process began when Council reviewed and endorsed a new CIP Development Flow Chart for all CIP projects in July 2008.


  • Governor's budget calls for 'year of restraint'

    SANTA FE – Capital expenditures and educational budgets will take the brunt in the governor’s proposed spending reductions for next year, which he has dubbed “the year of restraint.”


    Anticipating the 60-day session that begins next week, Gov. Richardson said New Mexico is in “great shape,” despite the recession.


  • Helping to break down walls

    Ever feel like you are stuck, that there are metaphorical walls barring you from achieving your goals? Pam Houghteling’s new business, Awareness Enterprise, LLC, offers a way to break down those walls.

    Houghteling describes Awareness as an umbrella group for two main modalities, which are, Access Energy Transformation and the Feldenkrais Method.

  • Councilors share hopes, expectations for new member

    Newly elected county councilors Vincent Chiravalle, Sharon Stover and Mike Wismer joined Nona Bowman, Robert Gibson and Michael Wheeler for the first meeting of the new council on Tuesday night.


    During that meeting, the councilors discussed the procedure that they would follow in order to fill the vacancy left by Jim West.


    It was decided that the council would seek citizens’ input and accept letters of interest from the general public, instead of appointing someone to fill the vacancy.