Local News

  • Townsite cleanup targets contaminants

    Like carpet cleaners for hazardous soils, Los Alamos National Laboratory will be doing what officials hope will be the final spot work in the Upper Los Alamos Canyon area.

    Although a number of residences in the townsite were included in the scope of the project, the contaminated sites designated for remediation so far are all on county or Department of Energy property.

  • LACDC contract gets council OK

    Based on a decision made by county council last night, it would seem that the county is interested in having the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation continue to provide economic development services.

    Councilors voted 7-0 in favor of approving an agreement with the LACDC, to provide economic development services in an amount not to exceed $319,970 including gross receipts tax and authorize the county administrator to enter into a renewal contract with LACDC in a form acceptable to the county attorney.

  • NERPs bill moves to House

    NERPs bill moves to House

    A House committee has authorized $5 million a year for five years to fund seven National Environmental Research Parks (NERPs). The parks, including one at Los Alamos National Laboratory are located within Department of Energy facilities, but have been authorized, but not systematically funded for nearly four decades.

  • Bingaman reports on energy and health bills

    New Mexico’s senior senator reported on the status of two key bills that are slowly advancing in Washington.

    Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M, has been cast in a central role in both the energy bill and the health care reform bill now playing center stage in Congress.

    “We passed out (of committee) a bill we called the American Clean Energy Leadership Act,” Bingaman said in a press conference Monday in Washington. “We got 15 of the 23 members of the committee in support.”

  • Walters prepares to get back to her roots

    Serving customers’ needs and resolving their issues in a timely manner doesn’t come easy for everyone. Those issues, however, are not a problem for Sandy Walters.

    Walters has been the serving the public in a customer service capacity for nearly 18 years and on July 1, 2009, she’ll retire and pass the customer service torch to someone else.

    Born in Oklahoma, but raised in Reserve, N.M., Walters lived in Albuquerque and Dallas before moving to Los Alamos in 1972.

  • Roadrunner still the fastest computer in the world.

    Six months after Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Roadrunner edged Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Jaguar, 1.1 05 petaflops per second to 1.059 petaflops per second, their speeds remained exactly the same.

    A petaflop is a quadrillion floating-point operations per second.

    The difference between first and second was only 46 terraflops difference, or forty six trillion operations per second, but it was enough for the Roadrunner to retain bragging rights for another six months.

  • Council agenda light this week

    County council will be back in Los Alamos at 7 p.m. Tuesday night for the regular council meeting. Last week’s work session was held at the town hall in White Rock, but this week’s meeting will be in council chambers.

    This week’s consent agenda is heavy once again, featuring seven items up for approval. The first item is the approval of Modification M016 to the electric coordination agreement between the county and the National Nuclear Security Administration.

    The second item is the vacation of utility easement within Lot 357 of Western Area No. 1.

  • Committee reviews submittals

    Member of the municipal building siting steering committee met for the second time Thursday night at the community building.

    Because it was the first committee meeting, Community Development Director Rick Bohn led the last meeting held on June 4 at the county annex. During that meeting, Bohn told attendees that they would choose the chair and vice chair at the June 18 meeting.

    Bohn started the Thursday night meeting by giving the committee some practical guidelines by which to abide.

  • Community salutes esteemed fire chief

    Los Alamos won’t feel quite the same without the man known affectionately as “Chief Mac” leading its fire department.

    Douglas MacDonald has spent the last 17 of his 35-year fire service career at the helm of the Los Alamos Fire Department. He has proved a solid leader and source of pride to this community and is leaving a proud legacy behind as he prepares to retire in early July.

    Family pride

    MacDonald’s sons are two of his biggest fans.

  • Problem acknowledged, but council still passes motion

    County councilors worked well into the night Tuesday during the work session held in the White Rock Town Hall. The meeting adjourned close to 11:30 p.m., with one of the last items of discussion being the FY2010 Salary Plan.

    Following a motion made by Council Vice Chair Mike Wismer, which was seconded by Councilor Vincent Chiravalle, council voted 6-1 to approve a salary plan that would give some staffers a 3 percent bonus. Robert Gibson voted against it.