Local News

  • Memorial scheduled for Pion willow

    Sadly, the tree must go.

    The iconic willow tree at Piñon Elementary School has caused serious damage to utility lines running from the main building to the kindergarten wing, officials say, and must be uprooted to prevent further costly damage.

    “We did come to the conclusion that we’re going to have to take the tree down,” said Kate Thomas, soon-to-be assistant superintendent. “But not without a memorial service.”

  • Domenici wants continued guard presence at border

    Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., is seeking to gain assurances for a strong continued National Guard presence on the New Mexico border when Operation Jump Start (OJS) ends this summer.

    Domenici has sought to continue OJS, the two-year program launched in 2006 to deploy National Guardsmen to the Southwest border to assist the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in border security. There are currently some 300 guardsmen associated with OJS on the border.

  • Pearce, East sweep into White Rock

    A sandstorm swept New Mexico Rep. Steve Pearce and congressional candidate Dan East into White Rock Sunday evening.

    Battling the dust devils and gusting winds, candidates spoke to a crowd of 40 or so attendees gathered at Rover Park for the Los Alamos Republican Party’s picnic, discussing issues related to careful spending, statewide energy concerns and the future of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  • Rally in the Valley

    Current and former workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory will synchronize with other energy employees and communities around the country Wednesday to demand additional reforms in the compensation program for Cold War workers who have suffered occupational illnesses.

    Nationally, rallies will take place between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. in Cleveland, Ohio; Denver, Colo.; Las Vegas, Nev.; and Oak Ridge, Tenn. Locally, the rally will be held in Española outside the Energy Employee Compensation Resource Center offices at 412 Paseo de Oñate, Suite D.

  • Saying goodbye is hard to do

    No one wants him to go. Not the newsroom, not management, not anyone in the building, and when Gary Warren picks up his camera and leaves the Monitor for the last time July 5, the loss to his colleagues and friends will be deeply felt. While some comfort is derived from knowing he will be near his beloved family, it doesn’t make it easier to see him go.

  • Council considers $14.8 million go-ahead for Airport Basin

    Los Alamos County Council on Tuesday will consider passing Amendment No. 1 to a services agreement with Hensel Phelps Construction of New Mexico. The amendment calls for the company to move forward with actual construction with a guaranteed maximum price for the first phase of $14,8111,011, plus Gross Receipts Tax.

  • Drum beat: Missing tag, mistaken assumptions may have caused problem container to go awry

    Investigators are beginning to unravel the story behind the 55-gallon barrel that recently had to be plucked from the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant and returned to Los Alamos National Laboratory for corrections.

    The New Mexico Environment Department announced at the time that the disposal had been “improper” and related to “prohibitions on liquids.”

    LANL officials acknowledged that a mistake was made and a drum containing radioactive waste was shipped to the Department of Energy’s WIPP site near Carlsbad, N.M., that should not have been sent.

  • County feels sting of rising fuel costs

    Several county departments are feeling the squeeze as fuel costs continue to rise around the nation.

    With no relief in sight, temporary changes are quickly becoming policy.

    “We’ve gotten down to minimal trips at this point,” said public works director Kyle Zimmerman. “We’re doing a lot more carpooling.”

    At Los Alamos Public Schools, bus drivers are undergoing training to improve their driving habits, with the aid of maintenance software that individually graphs and reports their driving patterns.

  • Don't have to file? This year, it might be worth it

    One-hundred forty-three Los Alamos taxpayers haven’t filed and therefore have not received their stimulus payments of $300, $600, $1,200 or more.

    Statewide, the IRS reports about 35,820 people – about 27 percent of retirees and disabled veterans  – who qualify for the economic stimulus payment but have not yet filed to claim.

  • Fur & Feathers flies the coop

    Next time you see a sick skunk or find a ring-tailed cat in your tool shed, don’t call Bob and Cathy Anderson, the force behind Fur & Feathers Rescue & Rehabilitation. The couple’s longtime business is now closed.

    Bob has already left for Texas, and Cathy will follow soon behind.

    For the Andersons, the move is very positive.