Local News

  • Philanthropies count fewer blessings

    New Mexico foundations, like individuals and businesses in the state, have been hit hard by the economic downturn. That in turn means trouble for the non-profits that fill some of the gaps in the social fabric.


    “Among our members, portfolios have fallen between 20 percent and more than 50 percent,” said Terry Odendahl, president of the New Mexico Association of Grant Makers, this morning. “Most are planning to diminish their funding by an equivalent amount.”


  • Eco Staton construction complete

    Greening efforts at the old county landfill concluded in December, a year and a half after the Eco Station construction contract was awarded in the amount of $6,698,000.


    Environmental Services Director Regina Wheeler was in White Rock for Tuesday night’s meeting, during which she updated councilors on the project.


  • Nuclear workers revive rejected petition

    ALBUQUERQUE – A presidential advisory board took only a few minutes before deciding to keep alive a petition on behalf of a large contingent of past and present nuclear workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory.


    The Advisory Board on Worker Health and Radiation heard both sides of the case involving compensation for LANL service support workers from 1976 through 2005. The board members discussed it briefly and then voted unanimously to study it more carefully.


  • Offsite source group gathers up the bad stuff

    The chances of U.S. radioactive sources falling into the hands of risky characters were reduced again last year with the help of a small team of scavengers at Los Alamos National Laboratory.


    The lab’s Off-Site Source Recovery Project, under supervision of the National Nuclear Security Administration, recently passed an important domestic milestone for getting dangerous materials out of the way.


    The number of excess and unwanted sealed sources recovered in the United States since 1997 reached 20,000 last month.


  • Graziano takes nursing to a new level

    Being a school nurse seems like one of those dream jobs. After all, how hard could it possibly be to clean a couple of cuts a day and put Band-Aids on them? All you’d have to do is wash the cut off, put some antiseptic on it, bandage it and off the patient goes, right?


  • Red and Black Ball big success

    The sparkling jewelry, red and black gowns, dapper dark suits and delectable dinner Saturday at Central Avenue Grill was all about raising funds for The Family YMCA and to ensure no one is ever turned away because of inability to pay.


    YMCA Executive Director Linda Daly thanked the many individuals and organizations whose efforts and contributions to the annual Red and Black Ball help the non-profit organization continue to provide a variety of healthy, fun activities for area youth and families.


  • Superintendent won't be staying

  • Oppie’s wheels: Manhattan-era limo restored

    The 1941 stretch limousine that carried Robert Oppenheimer to the Trinity Test site during the era of the Manhattan Project will be one of the feature attractions at the new National Museum of Nuclear Science and History when it opens in Albuquerque in April.


    Jim Walther, museum director, said this week the museum has tracked the vehicle back far enough to be satisfied it is authentic.


  • Blue Star Mothers helps troops and families

     Being deployed overseas is not only emotionally and mentally hard on the service member who is serving in another country, but it’s also hard on the families that are left behind.

    Though most service members receive regular letters and packages from their loved ones back home, there are some that don’t. Combined with long deployments and work stress, not getting packages and letters can send service members into depression, especially around the holidays.

  • Newly elected school board members share priorities

    Elected by voters Feb. 4, new school board members Thelma Hahn, from White Rock District 1, and Melanie McKinley from White Rock District 2, were sworn in during the state school board meeting in Santa Fe Friday.


    “We’ve been at the state board meeting all day and heard that all the districts are receiving shortened budgets and I wonder how that’s going to affect out school, programs and teachers,” Hahn said. “It’s going to call for some belt-tightening.”