Local News

  • Richardson wants to set course for green economy

    ALBUQUERQUE — Gov. Bill Richardson has signed an executive order he says will set a course for the state as it establishes an economy based on clean, renewable energy.

    The governor says New Mexico is blessed with oil and natural gas, but will have to take full advantage of its wind, solar, geothermal and biofuels resources if it wants to continue creating jobs.

    Richardson says his executive order focuses on growing research and manufacturing in the renewable energy industry.

  • Council votes to simplify downtown plan

    “The downtown plan, as it exists, is impossible to work with,” said Rick Bohn, Los Alamos County community development director.

    At Tuesday’s county council meeting in White Rock, Bohn explained three ordinance amendments intended to simplify the planning and zoning process by eliminating ambiguous language between documents that may have an impact on land use.

  • Thinking’ like an iPod

    Teenagers today live in a world where having choices is the norm. For instance, Los Alamos High School English teacher Margo Batha explained nowadays, when youngsters listen to music on their iPods, they can select which songs to listen to and which ones to ignore. This example supports the fact that having choices is an intrinsic part of young people’s lives.

    During the school board meeting Tuesday night, a group of English teachers showed how they are following the iPod’s lead.

  • NEWS ALERT - Catching a brighter ray -- Los Alamos inventor gets a grubstake
  • Officials: Mystery object will not collide with Earth

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A mystery object from space is about to whizz close by Earth on Wednesday. It won't hit our planet, but scientists are stumped by what exactly it is.

    Astronomers say it may be space junk or it could be a tiny asteroid, too small to cause damage even if it hit. It's 33 to 50 feet wide at most.

    NASA says that on Wednesday at 7:47 a.m. EST, it will streak by, missing Earth by about 80,000 miles. In the western United States it may be bright enough to be seen with a good amateur telescope.

  • Duck Buddies to the rescue

      Thirteen of 15 ducks and all three geese were temporarily relocated from Ashley Pond Park to the former Animal Shelter after the fountain at Ashley Pond began freezing over last week.

      “The remaining two ducks not captured had been observed as being able to fly and thus they should be able to fly away from any predator,” Los Alamos County Public Information Officer Julie Habiger wrote in an e-mail notice to the Monitor.

  • Cuts may trigger dip into reserve funds

    The UNM-Los Alamos two-mil levy request, which goes before voters this month by mail-in ballot, was the first item on the agenda at the Monday meeting of the UNM-LA Advisory Board.

    Los Alamos County utility customers are currently receiving election information in their January bills, Director of Student Services Patricia Boyer said. A number of speaking engagements have been arranged to educate the public about the election over the course of the month. The public can see a calendar of speaking engagements on the campus Web site at www.la.unm.edu.

  • 01-12-10 Update

    Police Beat update

      The theft of skis and poles, vehicle vandalism, business burglaries and a couple of shopliftings are among the crimes reported in this week’s Police Beat. See page 2 for the complete report.

    Lecture tonight

      Los Alamos Historical Society Lecture Series will present Alan Osborne, “New Mexico’s Colorful Past” at 7:30 p.m. tonight at Fuller Lodge.

    Brown Bag performance

  • Los Alamos jurist seeks fourth term on the bench

    Incumbent Alan Kirk is running for reelection as Municipal Court judge. He has served three consecutive four-year terms.  “I’d like to continue presiding over the court that we’ve developed. We have a very good staff and I think we provide a very high level of service to the community,” Kirk said.

    Adjudicating cases can be interesting, he said, adding that it can be a challenge sometimes in reaching the best decision and rendering the fairest sentence.

  • 01-10-10 Update

    UNM-LA Board meeting

       The University of New Mexico-Los Alamos Advisory Board will meet at 5:30 p.m.  Monday in the lecture hall.

    LWV luncheon

       The Los Alamos League of Women Voters will begin the year 2010 with State District Attorney Angela “Spence” Pacheco as the speaker at the monthly Lunch with a Leader meeting. This monthly event will be held from 11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m. Tuesday at the Central Avenue Grill. Everything on the extensive menu is just $13.50 (includes meal, drink, tax, tip).