Local News

  • LANL discloses internal material control issue

    Los Alamos National Laboratory officials issued a statement this morning saying they have reported an internal material control error at their plutonium facility to the National Nuclear Security Administration.


    “The error was discovered during routine inventory in January,” LANL spokesman Kevin Roark said. “Unreconciled inventory was found … meaning the numbers didn’t match up with how much material was physically there, which we are working to resolve.”


  • Ten years after: The first trip to WIPP

    The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, the nation’s only functioning nuclear waste repository, marked the 10th anniversary of its first radioactive waste shipment Thursday.

    On March 26, 1999, a truck from Los Alamos National Laboratory arrived at the isolated facility in southeastern New Mexico, now commonly known by its initials, WIPP.

    Several LANL officials, part of a large team effort focused on the shipment, recalled the night before that first load left the hill.

  • Schools sign off on Trinity Site partnership

    The Trinity Site Revitalization Project crossed a major hurdle during Thursday’s school board meeting at Mountain Elementary School.

    In a unanimous vote to affirm a partnership with Los Alamos County, Los Alamos School Board members marked an end to years of negotiations.

    County Administrator Max Baker, County Council Chairman Mike Wheeler and Council Vice Chairman Mike Wismer turned out for the big event.

    “You should be proud of your board chair – she did a yeoman’s job,” said Wismer in referring to President Joan Ahlers.

  • Property owners can expect NOVs soon

    If you haven’t already received one, property owners in Los Alamos County can expect a letter from the county assessor’s office in their mailboxes soon.

    On or before Wednesday, each property owner will receive a notice of value for his or her property. The county assessor is an elected official responsible for valuing property in the county as directed by state laws known as the New Mexico Property Tax Code.

  • State reopens I-40 to Texas

    The New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) continues to monitor and assist state and local partners during the clean up process from a spring storm that closed Interstate Highways and other roads in New Mexico late Thursday and Friday.

     I-40 east bound at Moriarty was expected to open Saturday afternoon once travel is approved by Texas officials.  West bound lanes of I-40 in New Mexico are open.

  • Have your day your way

    “A small Greek letter, with irrational beauty, one without an end.”

    Yes, my fellow nerds, that is indeed a Pi-ku that I wrote in tribute to Pi-day. As isolated as revelers of the number pi usually are, Pi-day was national news earlier this month.  Pi-kus (a haiku written about pi) abounded as did pi-limericks and of course pie eating celebrations.

  • County clears up Trinity miscoceptions

    No project ever goes off without a hitch.

    This is especially true for projects in Los Alamos. The complete streets project on Trinity Drive hasn’t even begun yet and already there is public outcry about what may or may not be developed on that stretch of road.

    During Tuesday night’s county council meeting, Los Alamos resident Howard Cady spoke to council regarding the plans for a complete street on Trinity Drive.

    He said he wanted to alert council to the fact that there’s trouble coming.

  • LANB receives millions to spur local economic growth

    The communities serviced by Los Alamos National Bank (LANB) are in for some exciting news. The bank has just been chosen to receive $35.5 million to increase lending to businesses and consumers and stimulate job growth in the area.

    The money arrived this morning.

    The U.S. Treasury Department offered Trinity Capitol Corporation (TCC), LANB’s one-bank holding company, the opportunity to participate in its Capital Purchase Program (CPP), established under TARP legislation.

    Only fiscally healthy financial institutions are being offered these funds.

  • Superintendent finalists to visit Los Alamos

    Los Alamos Public Schools, noted as one of the highest-performing districts in New Mexico, is searching for just the right superintendent to take charge this July.

    LAPS is seeking a superintendent who is committed to academic excellence for all students, according to material furnished from the district’s search consultant.

  • Public hearings to be rescheduled

    Two public hearings that were scheduled for Tuesday night’s county council meeting were deferred until some future council meeting. Based on that decision, the agenda was a bit lighter than expected.

    Before any business was handled, the public was allowed to comment on items not listed on the agenda. Los Alamos resident Howard Cady seized the opportunity to address council regarding his concerns with the Complete Streets project on Trinity Drive.