Local News

  • Sandia produces micro-sized solar cells

    ALBUQUERQUE – Sandia National Laboratories scientists have developed tiny glitter-sized photovoltaic cells that could revolutionize the way solar energy is collected and used.

    In an announcement Monday, the laboratory speculated that the tiny cells could turn a person into a walking solar battery charger if they were fastened to flexible substrates molded around unusual shapes, such as clothing.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions are up

    ALBUQUERQUE —  An inventory of New Mexico’s greenhouse gas production shows residents have reduced their average emissions from gasoline use over a seven-year period, but they’re consuming more energy to heat, cool and power their homes.

    Despite efforts by Gov. Bill Richardson’s administration to address climate change and lower greenhouse gas emissions, a draft inventory prepared by the state Environment Department shows New Mexico’s total direct emissions increased by about 4 percent between 2000 and 2007 to 80 million metric tons.

  • Police scrutinize policies and procedures

    Nearing the end of a lengthy accreditation process, Los Alamos Police Department officials recently participated in a special two-day policy validation session earlier this month.

    “The point is to ensure not only that we have the policies and standards in place, but that the supervisors from every one of our departments understands and implements them correctly,” Chief Wayne Torpy said during an interview Wednesday.

  • Showing off the reason for the season

    The Los Alamos Crèche Show began as a small but creative idea launched by the chairman of one committee at one local church.

    When the 16th annual Crèche Show was held at the Los Alamos Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, this year however, the show was an established success.

    Gail and Roy Capshaw, the husband and wife team who chaired the show this year, said it drew 300 exhibitors. The nativity sets exhibited came from 44 countries. A record 600 people came to see the show. And people from churches all over town were involved.

  • Explosion at test firing site causes $1 million in damages

    An unusually loud noise after an explosive experiment at a firing site at Los Alamos National Laboratory at about 3:10 p.m. on Dec. 16 alerted researchers to a possible safety problem.

    According to an occurrence report obtained by the Project on Government Oversight, the researchers involved in a large-bore powder gunshot waited about 20 minutes before they left a neighboring bunker and went out to see what happened.

  • Health Alert: Three New Mexicans with existing health issues die from H1N1

  • NEWS ALERT: Explosion damages firing site building

  • Science satellites scour skies for Santa

    A time-honored Christmas tradition is underway again, according to a Los Alamos National Laboratory announcement.

    International audiences of all ages will be closely eyeing the Santa-tracking satellite technology of the laboratory in the coming week.  Starting at 6 a.m. this morning, Los Alamos scientists began using two advanced science satellites to mark the path of the elfin traveler, noting his travels at http://SANTA.LANL.GOV online.

  • Vaccine clinic a success

    Local Public Health Nurse, Megan Pfeffer, was a ray of sunshine during a recent flu shot clinic that showcased her and many volunteers who also shined bright.

    The White Rock clinic, offered by the New Mexico Department of Health, Los Alamos County, Los Alamos Public Schools, Pfeffer and with the help of 23 volunteers, was hopping throughout the morning.

  • Local leaders express holiday wishes

    Each year at this time, local leaders take a moment to send their holiday wishes to the community.

    Rep. Jeannette Wallace is gathering in town with family this year.

    “During this season we’re delighted to be all together. I wish it could be a little warmer but at the same time it really looks and feels like Christmas,” she said.