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    ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan (AP) — The death of Osama bin Laden in a fortress-like compound on the outskirts of a Pakistani city that is home to three army regiments and thousands of soldiers raises questions over whether Pakistani security forces knew the whereabouts of the world's most wanted man.

    The al-Qaida chief was living in a house in Abbottabad that a U.S. administration official said was "custom built to hide someone of significance." The city around 60 miles from the capital Islamabad is a far cry from the remote mountain caves along the Pakistan-Afghanistan tribal border where most intelligence assessments had put bin Laden in recent years.

  • Monitoring group gets new name

    The community outreach group, formerly known as the Community Radiation Monitoring Group (CRMG), has a new name.
    This week, the New Mexico Community Foundation announced the new name of the group would be called the Forum For Environmental Education and Dialogue (NMCF FEED).
    According to RACER Outreach Coordinator, Sarah Wolters, the first meeting will be May 12 from 5-7 p.m. at Espanola’s Northern New Mexico College in Room AD #101.

  • Got food?

    Two young mountain lions have been frequenting the yard of Los Alamos residents Paige and Bill Purtymun. They recently encountered this curious cub on the back deck of their North Mesa Home.


  • Airport runway project takes off

    Drivers who frequent N.M. 502 probably have probably encountered huge dump trucks lumbering up the Main Hill Road and turning off onto a side dirt road near Los Alamos Airport. The activity is part of the work that’s being done to the airport’s runway.

    The project involves two phases, said Mike Harris, field representative for Delta Airport Consultants, Inc. The runway is being extended and then rehabilitated.

    The total cost of the project is $6.5 million. To pay for the project, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and State Aviation Department are contributing $6,337,500 and the county is paying $162,000.

    Kiewit is the contractor hired to do the work.

  • Update 05-01-11

    Candidates sought
    Republicans interested in applying for the vacant District 43 House seat in New Mexico Legislature should contact Ron Dolin at rdolin@hotmail.com or call 695-0864.

    Council meeting
    The Los Alamos County Council will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Community Building.

    Advisory Board meeting
    Fuller Lodge/Historic Districts Advisory Board will meet from 5-6:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Curtis Room at Fuller Lodge.

    Library board meeting
    The Los Alamos County Library board will meet at 5:30 p.m. Monday at Mesa Public Library.

    Charter Review
    The Charter Review Committee will meet at 5:30 p.m. Monday in the training room at the Community Building.

  • Local initiative aims for lasting connection

    The Los Alamos-based Afghan Sister Village Project (ASVP) is collaborating with the La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Foundation to bring together students at Los Alamos High School with those in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. The Los Alamos-Jalalabad program is designed to help the students of both nations better understand each other’s customs and traditions.

    “We believe this understanding is critical for developing the mutual trust and respect needed for lasting peace,” said Bob Fuselier, a veterinarian in Los Alamos who founded the ASVP and serves as its board president.

  • Let’s play ball!

    Keanna Cohen, who was recently honored as a Domenici Scholar at Los Alamos High School, throws the first pitch to catcher Taylor Jaramillo, a seventh grader, to commemorate the Los Alamos Little League opening day ceremony Saturday at North Mesa Baseball Fields (Majors Field). Gary Cooper sang the national anthem. Following the opening ceremony, two games were played as the Rockies took on the Dodgers and the Padres took on the Giants.


  • Public slams nuke dump plans

    POJOAQUE — It was evident about halfway through the public comment session Thursday night that not too many people were in favor of the Department of Energy wanting to build a nuclear disposal facility in Los Alamos or anywhere in New Mexico.

    In fact, one New Mexico resident had another alternative.

    “Build an above grade vault on the Mall at Washington, D.C. and mandate that all waste be sent there,” said Stuart Barger, who said he lives downwind from Los Alamos. “Make sure to use trucks and ship it there during a Congressional session.”

    The remarks drew laughs and applause from the majority of the crowd at the Cities of Gold conference room, but this was still serious business for all those in attendance.

  • 2012 GOP hopefuls bash Obama, but who will run?

    MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Eager but unofficial GOP contenders for the White House are focusing their criticism on President Barack Obama and taking a kid-gloves approach to one another.

    When the field does take shape, that will change. For now, it can wait.

    On Friday night in early-voting New Hampshire, five likely Republican candidates took pokes almost in unison at liberals, Democrats and Obama. They denounced taxes, vilified government regulations and promised to repeal the new health care law.

    Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney painted himself as a free-market champion and philosophical heir to the nation's founders.

  • Poles travel to Rome for John Paul beatification

    They slept in the aisles and celebrated Mass in the restaurant car.

    Eight hundred Poles boarded a special train Friday night for a 26-hour trip across Europe, bound for Rome and the beatification of the late Pope John Paul II. They were joining tens of thousands of Poles who are massing in Rome for Sunday's beatification, a major celebration for a nation overjoyed at seeing the Polish-born pontiff moved closer to sainthood.

    By Saturday afternoon, the pilgrim train was whizzing past Italian vineyards and church belltowers, after having crossed through Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria.