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  • Fox designs to capture her clients' style

    Interior Designer Suzette Fox strives to create not only an aesthetically pleasing environment for her clients but one that stands the test of time.

    “It is my desire to bring beauty to a space by highlighting a home’s best features,” said the dynamic owner of Suzette Fox Interior Design. “I take into account my client’s personal style and taste so it feels like home to them. In fact, it’s all about the feeling you get when you walk into a room. If it feels spacious, warm, and inviting, I’ve done my job.”

  • 'Canyon Watch' dedication held at North Mesa

    The roundabout at North Mesa got a new inhabitant on July 31. And the bronze cougar sculpture, entitled

    “Canyon Watch,” was installed with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the roundabout on Thursday.

  • Innovative programs draw parents and teens.doc

    Healthy families seeking reinforcement, those beginning to experience issues and others already in deep-struggle mode have several unique options available through Family Strengths Network.

    The funfilled, fast-paced, results oriented programs include Family Solutions: for Teens and Parents Together, Girls Circle, Envision Your Future for boys and a workshop called, Hurdling Homework Hassles: Help for 7th, 8th, and 9th graders.

  • New sculpture finds a home in Los Alamos

     If you've driven by the Hilltop Hotel recently, you may have noticed a new addition to the median between Trinity Drive and Central Avenue.

    The object in question stands about 18-feet-high and is made of aluminum and sports a purple and blue paint job.

    The sculpture titled “Nexus” was installed at its current location on Sept. 3 and was created by Lyle London of Art in Metal, based in Tempe, Ariz.

  • McCain-Palin ticket is official

    As the four-day 2008 Republican National Convention came to an end Thursday night, presidential nominee Sen. John McCain and running mate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin waved to the cheering crowd in St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center.

  • Michelle Obama meets military wives

    SANTA FE – Five wives shared with Michelle Obama the struggles they endure while their military husbands are deployed overseas.

    Obama, the wife of Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama, met with the women and an invitation only assembly in the Greer Garson Theater at the College of Santa Fe Thursday morning.

    The potential first lady promised during the roundtable discussion that a Barack Obama administration would strengthen the military and improve health care for veterans.

  • Truce: Experiment reveals coexistence between competing states

    Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, working with an international team of collaborators, have reported a curious scientific phenomenon that seems to defy conventional explanations.

    This peculiar situation has emerged in a series of steps over the last several years. It involves superconductivity and magnetism, well-known rival states of matter that have now been found under certain precise conditions to get along very well.

  • Construction crews begin work on skate park

    Despite residents’ efforts to get the County Council to reconsider the location, contractors began grading the area in front of the Mesa Public Library on Tuesday in preparation for the construction of the much anticipated skate park.

    Jack and Colleen Hanlon filed an appeal on the skate park location in District Court in August, hoping to get the council to reconsider the Mesa Library location.

  • A dream comes true for Pojoaque Pueblo

    POJOAQUE – Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino officially opened under a gentle rain near midday on Wednesday.

    George Rivera, tribal governor for the Pueblo of Pojoaque, said it was a blessing, just like the rain that fell on Aug. 12, when the complex held its “soft” opening,” at least two months ahead of schedule and in time for Indian Market, the biggest tourist attraction for the region.

    Rain is a propitious sign in an arid land.

    Rivera dedicated Buffalo Thunder to the tribal members “past, present and future.”

  • GOP convention back on track

    The damper Hurricane Gustav placed on the opening of the Republican National Convention being held in St. Paul, Minn., has passed.

    With the storm’s relatively light damage to the Gulf Coast region, Tuesday’s agenda was back to full speed.

    Evening speakers included a satellite address by President George W. Bush and a keynote presentation by former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson.

    Bush called presumptive presidential nominee Sen. John McCain “ready to lead this nation.”