Local News

  • The quest for economic vitality

    County councilors had widely differing perspectives Tuesday night, as they took aim at the next leg of the county’s economic journey.

    The original Economic Development Strategic Plan was approved in 1993 and has guided economic activities since then, but times have changed and some of the 142 or more strategic tasks that were to be accomplished have been crossed off the list.

  • Museum to receive Hewett award

    The New Mexico History Museum will receive the New Mexico Association of Museums’ Hewett Award on Thursday during the group’s annual meeting in Santa Fe. Also receiving a Hewett is Louise Stiver, retired senior curator of the History Museum, whose Fashioning New Mexico exhibit is on display through April 14, 2010.

  • Breaking News: LAHS Principal Grace Brown Announces Retirement

  • News Alert: DOH reports H1N1 claims life of 11-year-old Bernalillo County boy

  • On the road to Copenhagen

    For many people concerned about the fate of the planet, going where the action is means one place right now.

    A graduate of Los Alamos High School in 2005 and now a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., Marielle Remillard is about to join a group of her peers from across the country in a visit to Denmark in December.

    It’s already forced her into new territory.

    “On Friday, I did something I’ve never done before,” she wrote in a blog recently. “I attended a meeting at my senator’s office.”

  • News Alert - GAO says Caldera Trust is falling behind

  • Heller steps down as LACA artistic director

    She doesn’t need any more laurels. She has been gathering wreathes full of honors and ovations for nearly 50 years.

    As a performer, piano teacher, founder and mainstay of multiple Los Alamos cultural institutions, Rosalie Heller is giving up one of her most influential roles.

  • On the shoulders of giants

    Los Alamos has had many days of commemoration for fallen patriots and veterans of foreign wars, but Friday the community celebrated a day of remembrance dedicated to its own workers.

    Nuclear workers were praised and their stories were retold. Some called them giants.

  • Curb appeal

    The downtown area is the most visible indicator of a community’s economic and social health and often the first place people think of or want to see when visiting a community.

    It can either be an asset or a liability in efforts to recruit new residents, businesses, industry and tourism to the community, said Chamber Services Coordinator Katy Korkos.

  • Thespian club knocks ‘em dead

    A group of people show up at a comedy club, eager to compete in a contest and win some cash at the game’s conclusion. The only problem is the club owner winds up dead. So who did the foul deed? In the Los Alamos High School Olions Thespian Club’s newest show, “Knock Em’ Dead,” you get to decide.

    The audience plays a vital role in this play by Tom Oldendick. They can ask questions of the actors and their decision about who is the murderer will determine how the play ends.