Local News

  • LA Went Above and Beyond

    Helitack crews working the Las Conchas Fire expressed appreciation for the local community during interviews at the airport Monday.

    “These pilots have fought fires all over the world and they’ve never been received like this,” said Deck Coordinator Walt Wells. “Los Alamos has set the bar a little higher for America.”

    Wells is with the Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forest Service in Vermont. He has worked for the U.S. Forest Service for 11 years. He retired in 1996 from 26 years with the New Jersey State Police as a detective sergeant.

  • Area preps for possible floods

    According to numerous weather reports, monsoon season is upon the area.

    The rain will help put out the massive Las Conchas fire, which has burned close to 150,000 acres, but it will create another problem: flooding.

    The National Weather Service, in fact, has issued a flash flood watch through tonight for portions of north and central New Mexico, including the Jemez Mountains, that portion of the southern Sangre de Cristo Mountains above 9500 feet, and the southwest mountains and west slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

  • Council selects Hall's successor

    David Izraelevitz was chosen to fill former councilor James Hall’s seat on the Los Alamos County Council at a special session Monday night. Izraelevitz has less than 24 hours to prepare for his first council meeting, at 7 tonight in the council chambers.

    Izraelevitz, who holds a doctorate in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT, has been a resident of Los Alamos since 1995. He has served on a number of boards and commissions including the Library Board and the Planning and Zoning Commission. He is currently a member of the Charter Review Committee.

  • Council set to hear pitch on new hotel and conference center

    A development company is preparing to pitch the Los Alamos County Council on a deal that would result in a new hotel and conference center designed to capture some of the off-site meetings conducted by the lab that currently end up off the hill.

    Trident Development New Mexico, LLC, will propose the $20 million dollar project to the council at its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. in the Community Building.

    Developers have their eye on 5.5 acres of land at the southeast corner of the Trinity Site Redevelopment area overlooking Los Alamos Canyon. Their plan includes a four-story, 134 room hotel along with an 8,500 square foot conference center that could accommodate up to 550 people.

  • Izraelevitz sworn in as newest council member

    The Los Alamos County Council met in special session Monday to interview candidates to fill a vacancy on the council created when Gov. Susana Martinez appointed former Councilor Jim Hall to fill the House District 43 seat left vacant by the death last April of Jeannette Wallace.

    After an initial round, some of the candidates were eliminated and it came down to three: former Councilor Raph Phelps, internist Keeley Power, and David Izraelevitz, who has been active on county boards.

    In the end, a majority of the council voted for Izraelevitz, who was then sworn in by Municipal Court Judge Alan Kirk.

  • Cone zone 7-10-11

    Closure of Eastbound Trinity to begin Monday


    Eastbound Trinity Drive traffic from south bound Diamond or Western Area will be detoured at Diamond to Canyon Road & 39th or Canyon and Oppenheimer. 

  • LA loses more than a chaplain

    Special to the Monitor

    Community leader, spiritual counselor, teacher, preacher, chaplain, LANL technical information specialist, musician, mother, wife and friend - with the death of the Rev. Dr. Barbara Henderson on July 3, Los Alamos lost more than their hospital chaplain.

    Rev. Henderson’s care and influence extended well beyond the boundaries of Los Alamos Medical Center (LAMC) where she served as chaplain for the past 30 years. 

  • It's 'fawntastic'

    A Los Alamos family returned from its evacuation to Denver the night of July 4 and they went out to check the perimeter of their property.

    During their inspection, they found a doe, who was pregnant and very close to giving birth.

  • Town shutdown buffets businesses

    Closing down for a week has a major impact on any business. But ask Los Alamos business owners about the impact of the Los Conchas fire, and their losses may be far down on their lists. 

    Take Hill Diner Owner Denise Lane, who spent the week feeding firefighters. Lane’s first response to the evacuation’s impact was, “It was the experience of a lifetime. It was amazing for me on a personal level and at the community level. There is humanity there, there are good people out there and they do step up.” 

  • Stubborn wildfire continues to grow

    The Las Conchas Fire continues to grow and head north across the Santa Clara Pueblo. Lines are holding in Los Alamos and in the latest Forest Service update, the fire was 40 percent contained and it has burned more than 142,000 acres.

    Because of fire and the possibility of flooding, Los Alamos National Laboratory announced Friday it was closing all the public trails on lab property as well as West Road.