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  • VIDEO: Second-degree Murder Charge in Martin Case
  • Manson denied parole again

    CORCORAN, Calif. (AP) — A prison panel denied parole Wednesday to mass murderer Charles Manson in his 12th and probably final bid for freedom.

    Manson, now a gray-bearded, 77-year-old, did not attend the hearing where the parole board ruled he had shown no efforts to rehabilitate himself and would not be eligible for parole for another 15 years.

    "This panel can find nothing good as far as suitability factors go," said John Peck, a member of the panel that met at Corcoran State Prison in Central California.

    Also playing heavily into the board's decision was something Manson had said recently to one of his prison psychologists that Peck read aloud.

  • Update 04-11-12

    Wildfire awareness

    Residents are urged to attend an informational event called “Wildfire 2012” from 1-5 p.m. Saturday in the council chambers and adjacent Training Room (inside the Community Building.

    LWV luncheon

    The League of Women Voters will have County Clerk Janet Foster and Election Manager Gloria Maestas as speakers at 11:45 a.m. Thursday for Lunch with a Leader.  The luncheon will be at the Pajarito Environmental Education Center.


  • Court allows GOP, Dem candidates on ballot

    SANTA FE  (AP) — New Mexico’s highest court ruled Tuesday that the Senate’s top leader and other candidates can appear on the ballot despite incomplete election paperwork.
    The decision by the state Supreme Court will permit Senate President Tim Jennings, a Roswell Democrat, and more than a half dozen other incumbent legislators to remain candidates although their nominating petitions failed to designate the political district of the office for which they are running.
    A 2011 state law required the district number for the first time on the petitions that candidates must submit when they file for an office. The petitions list signatures of registered voters and candidates must have a certain number of signatures to qualify for office.

  • SFNF to hold two public meetings

    The Santa Fe National Forest is hosting public meetings about the Southwest Jemez Mountains Landscape Restoration project and encourages the public to attend any of them.
    Forest managers wish to reduce the threat of high-intensity, potentially-destructive wildfires by restoring natural processes in the project area. A variety of treatments will be proposed including prescribed fires, mechanically thinning trees, improving watershed function and wildlife habitat, and removing invasive species.

  • Council tentative in its OK of salary plan

    The main issue facing the Los Alamos County Council last night was an amendment to the FY2012 compensation and classification plan and approval of the FY2013 compensation and classification plan.

    The county’s salaries are subject to annual review and job classifications must be reviewed every four years.

    Based on a 2010 market study, council had directed staff to reduce the number of job levels and titles, to consider restructuring the pay system with a philosophy based on market positioning and developing a method to deal with an increasing number of employees at the top of their pay range.

  • Board approves $5M bond sale

    The Los Alamos Public School Board unanimously approved Tuesday to allow the District to borrow $5 million.

    The borrowing is part of the remaining installment of the District’s 2009 $40 million incremental bond authorization.

    Board President Kevin Honnell said the money will be used to tear down sections of Los Alamos Middle School in June.

    He said the voters got a good deal on the bond too. The interest on the bond will be 1.76 percent – the lowest rate the District has ever received on a bond issue.

    “I’m glad to get a good return,” he said.

    There were ten bids on the bond. The lowest bid came from FTN Financial Markets out of Tennessee.

  • VIDEO: Woman Charged With Faking Cancer for Wedding
  • Cancer therapy gets a boost from new isotope -- VIDEO extra

    A new medical isotope project at Los Alamos National Laboratory shows promise for rapidly producing major quantities of a new cancer-treatment agent, actinium 225 (Ac-225).

    Using proton beams, Los Alamos and its partner Brookhaven National Laboratory could match current annual worldwide production of the isotope in just a few days, solving critical shortages of this therapeutic isotope that attacks cancer cells. A collaboration between Los Alamos, Brookhaven, and Oak Ridge national laboratories is developing a plan for full-scale production and stable supply of Ac-225.

  • Tsunami watch lifted in most of Indian Ocean--Video Extra

    BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (AP) — A tsunami watch around the Indian Ocean has been lifted hours after two powerful earthquakes hit off Indonesia's western coast.

    The 8.6- and 8.2-magnitude earthquakes triggered panic Wednesday afternoon. Residents in coastal cities fled to high ground in cars and on the backs of motorcycles.

    The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii lifted a tsunami watch for most areas of the Indian Ocean about four hours after the first quake. It was still in effect for Indonesia, India, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and the island territory of Diego Garcia.