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  • Senator backs lab, promotes health care reform

    Another year of budgetary grace may be in store for Los Alamos National Laboratory if Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-NM, has his way.

    The chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee in charge of authorizing policy for the Department of Energy said Monday that there are questions about whether “the fiscal situation of the country allows us to fund the work of the lab at the levels it needs.”


  • Catch the latest Police Beat

    Check out this week's police blotter here.

  • News Alert: Governor's proposed budget raises concern

    Gov. Bill Richardson released his proposed balanced budget late today and Rep. Jeannette Wallace is expressing concern with his plan.

    In an interview this evening, Wallace said she and her Legislative Finance Committee colleagues are looking at perhaps a 2 percent cut to education.

  • Stories we remember in 2009

    Many stories appearing in the Monitor this year stirred community reaction. One that drew considerable passion was the story about Principal Mike Katko’s job being questioned at Mountain Elementary School.

    The story first broke in the Monitor March 25. It was written based on a number of telephone calls that morning from alarmed parents and teachers and the refusal by school officials and Katko to talk about it.

  • Roadrunner led the way for the lab

    The year was the best of times and the second best of times for Los Alamos National Laboratory’s high performance supercomputer, the Roadrunner.

    In May the Roadrunner was named the speediest supercomputer in the world for the third half-year in a row, a lifetime at the top, in terms of supercomputer years.

    But then in November, a relentless competitor vaulted ahead. Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Jaguar, having trailed the Roadrunner in the last two ranking, zoomed out in front.

  • New Year wishes from local officials

    As a new year is now upon us, community leaders took a few moments to share their wishes for 2010.

    Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Michael Anastasio expressed his wishes for the laboratory employees as well as the community.

  • Smokers in 12 states to puff fire-safe cigarettes

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Smokers in 12 states will be lighting - and relighting - fire-safe cigarettes designed to go out when they’re not puffed as the result of new laws that go into effect Friday.

    The states are among the last to require that all cigarettes meet standards first implemented by New York six years ago. The states with laws going on the books this week are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

  • Trinity Site project: Bent but not broken

    The Trinity Site project ended the year with a flourish, but it was a rocky fall season.

    The most recent Monitor online poll results on the top local story of the year found the developments surrounding Trinity Site solidly in second place.

    It has been in prominent public view as both a troubling unresolved issue.  And as a centerpiece of county enterprise.

  • Poll ranks Granich trial top story of 2009

    Recently, a poll was posted on the Monitor Web site, asking readers which story they thought was the number one story of the year.

  • Committee polishes sculpture series

    A citizen advisory committee pushed ahead this week on a master plan for adorning the landscape with life-size historical figures.

    The main issue seemed to be how many famous, representative or otherwise intriguing characters there have been in the relatively short history of modern Los Alamos and what to do with them, mostly in the downtown historical district.

    Who would be where?