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  • US cybersecurity efforts trigger privacy concerns

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal government's plan to expand computer security protections into critical parts of private industry is raising concerns that the move will threaten Americans' civil liberties.

    In a report for release Friday, The Constitution Project warns that as the Obama administration partners more with the energy, financial, communications and health care industries to monitor and protect networks, sensitive personal information of people who work for or communicate with those companies could be improperly or inadvertently disclosed.

  • VIDEO: Cat in Cockpit Causes Four-hour Flight Delay

    A cat escape caused a four-hour delay for an Air Canada flight Thursday as airline staff in Halifax struggled to get the feline from its hiding place in cockpit wiring.

  • VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Done With Political 'High Wire'

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says that after 20 years, she's done with the "high wire" of politics. State Department employees asked Mrs. Clinton if she would run for Vice President.

  • First Person: Urban Forager Subsists on Squirrel

    A self-proclaimed urban foraging family in Seattle says it traps and eats squirrel as part of its diet.

  • Ribbon-cutting celebration

    A ribbon cutting ceremony was held for Trinity Natural Health Wednesday at its new location, 464 Central Ave., Suite 5.

  • Driver’s license debate intensifies

    SANTA FE  (AP) — Republican Gov. Susana Martinez and her allies face a tough first test in the Legislature over their proposal to stop New Mexico from granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.
    The House Labor and Human Resources Committee is to consider the governor’s proposal Thursday and it’s expected to encounter strong opposition at the first hearing on the issue during this year’s legislative session.
    The panel’s five Democrats, who account for a majority of the votes, opposed a similar bill last year that passed the House but failed later in the Senate.

  • Update 01-26-12

    LAPS board

    The LAPS Board will meet at 5:30 p.m. today for a work session at Chamisa Elementary.

    LANL meeting

    LANL stormwater permit public meeting will be 5:30 tonight at the Cities of Gold Hotel & Conference Center in Pojoaque.

    At the Hive

    The Hive in White Rock is hosting Dr. Richard Sayre, who will present an overview of his vision for algal research in Los Alamos at 5:30 p.m. today. 

    Council meeting

    The Los Alamos County Council will meet at 7 p.m. Jan. 31 in the council chambers.

    History nuts

    Join the Los Alamos History Nuts! at 7 p.m. today at the Mesa Public Library.


  • Valles Caldera Trust recaps challenges

    The dramatic peaks and valleys, which comprise the Valles Caldera National Preserve provide an appropriately descriptive metaphor for the Valles Caldera Trust’s Report to Congress for Fiscal Year 2011.
    Increases in visitation, revenue, and education programs were tempered by the devastating impact of the Las Conchas Fire that scorched more than one-third of the landscape. The report discusses the challenges presented by the fire, reviews the accomplishments and progress made from 2007-2011 and presents the outlook for 2012.
    “It was a year of great challenges for the Trust,” said interim Executive Director, Dennis Trujillo. “But mixed with those challenges were even greater successes and achievements by the Trust and its staff.”

  • Resident asserts T-Board/TAC meetings illegal

    On the Jan. 19, the Transportation Board met to deliberate what recommendation to make to council concerning a redesign of N.M. 502, based on the findings of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). It voted to recommend a design concept introduced at a Jan. 12 T-board/TAC meeting by County Engineer/Traffic Engineer Kyle Zimmerman.

    The board looked at renderings of the concept on Jan. 12, and Zimmerman formally presented it Jan. 19.

    Board member Wayne Hardie questioned whether it was “legitimate” for the board to consider that design in deliberations, contending that the only item on the agenda was “TAC recommendation,” and that this design should have been on the agenda as “new business.”

  • Raw Video: Tense Exchange Between Obama, Brewer

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer came to greet President Barack Obama upon his arrival outside Phoenix Wednesday. What she got was a critique of how he is depicted in her book. The two leaders could be seen engaged in an intense conversation.