Local News

  • Congress marks up energy funding proposals (correction)

    Congressional panels approved two preliminary appropriation proposals with subtle implications for Los Alamos National Laboratory’s budget prospects


    The full House Appropriation Committee, typically a step ahead of their Senate counterparts, approved their funding proposal Tuesday evening, while the Senate Energy and Water subcommittee was just beginning a similar process on the other side of the Capitol Wednesday morning.


  • Trail management plan OK'd

    It’s no secret that outdoor activities are important to Los Alamos County residents. Trails provide residents with an outlet for hiking and walking and a way to keep fit while having fun.

    During Tuesday’s meeting, council voted 5-0 to adopt the trail management planning documents, which include the trail management plan, the trail policy plan and the trail standards.

    According to county documents, the Trail Management Planning package is divided into three parts.

  • Creeping up on a big black hole

    There are probably few scenes of violence in the universe that can compare to what goes on in the energetic activity of an accretion disk spiraling down around a monster black hole at the center of a large galaxy.

    This appears to be especially true of the largest galaxies, like the giant elliptical galaxy named M87, a luminous and highly evolved system in the Constellation Virgo.

  • New super. welcomed, fire chief named

    Changing of the guard seemed to be the theme for Tuesday night’s county council meeting, as the new superintendent at Bandelier National Monument gave a presentation and Douglas Tucker was confirmed fire chief.

    The meeting began with Bandelier National Monument Superintendent Jason Lott introducing himself to council and giving a brief presentation.

    During his presentation, he outlined his extensive experience, talked about current happenings at Bandelier and spoke about some of his goals as superintendent.

  • Steering committee to meet tonight

    The third meeting of the Municipal Building Steering Committee will be held tonight, from 6-8 p.m. in council chambers at the community building.

    Tonight, the committee will discuss the results of the criteria weighting take-home straw poll and make the determination for the final criteria weighting.

    In addition, they will also review and discuss all of the public and private sites that are being considered, as well as those that were submitted to Assistant County Administrator Anthony Mortillaro, by the June 25 deadline.

  • UNM-LA offers new programs

    The University of New Mexico-Los Alamos in collaboration with Doña Ana Community College and Central New Mexico Community College will manage a new, unique collaborative higher education project.

    Chief Justice Edward L. Chávez of the New Mexico Supreme Court introduced the New Mexico Center for Language Access on the steps of the Supreme Court building Wednesday.

  • Local shoe drive set for worldwide distribution

  • July hailstorm ravages local area

    Monday’s massive hailstorm pounded the county for some 45 minutes leaving thousands of dented vehicles, cracked windshields and smashed gardens in its wrath.

    Leaves torn from trees by the fierce velocity of millions of hailstones, some larger than a golf ball, blanketed yards, sidewalks, vehicles and rooftops.

    KOAT Channel 7 TV arrived on the scene to report on the aftermath of the storm. News Reporter Dominic Garcia conducted a live report standing in front of a large pile of hail on Myrtle Street.

  • Stimulus ramps up in New Mexico

    Former Gov. Toney Anaya led a panel of prominent officials in a sweeping overview of New Mexico’s stake in the $787 billion federal stimulus plan. A little more than a billion dollars have entered the state as of June 30 and a couple billion more are expected to arrive, according to tracking information compiled by the New Mexico Office of Recovery and Reinvestment, the state stimulus agency that Anaya heads.

  • Small boy battles big disease