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  • Correction 8-7-15

    In an Aug. 5 story in Diversions, it was incorrectly stated that Los Alamos Historical Society was a sponsor of the screening of the film “Message From Hiroshima." The Historical Society was not a sponsor of the screening. The Los Alamos Monitor regrets the error.

  • Laser light shows return to planetarium

    Despite the cancellation last month, the Pajarito Environmental Education Center has announced the laser light shows that will be in the planetarium at the Los Alamos Nature Center.
    Starting today, there will be different shows with various themes.
    Viewers can experience laser lights, music and information set up by Prismatic Magic, a national company that sets up laser light shows throughout the country.
    “Lasers are neat because there is no focal point. It is a powerful thing to watch,” said Beth Cortright, nature center manager.
    She also said that these shows are safe for people with epilepsy because the lasers are slow enough not to have a dangerous health effect. She does advise that if people start to feel dizzy or ill to just close their eyes and listen to the music or look away from the images.
    Speaking of the music, Cortright also encourages viewers to sing along out loud.
    The lineup has something for everyone from classic rock music to kid and family-friendly tunes, as well as newer, modern music, such as Katy Perry. Classic music fans can view laser images and listen to songs from bands such Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, U2 and Pink Floyd.

  • Learn To Fly

    Eric Burnside, 17, Paulina Burnside, 14 and Marin Kelly, 14, hang out with pilot Floyd Hunt Saturday at the Los Alamos Young Eagle Flight Rally. Students ages 8-17 had a chance to experience flying over Los Alamos.

  • A Night at the Opera

    Students of Catherine Puranananda’s AP Literature and Composition class were invited to an exclusive dress rehearsal performance of Santa Fe Opera’s “Cold Mountain” July 28. SFO General Director Claude McKay and SFO Director of Education Andrea Walters went to great lengths to set up this unique experience for the students who had recently studied the novel and who had worked in conjunction with the opera house in gaining a better understanding of the art.
    The evening began with a private question and answer session with “Cold Mountain” author Charles Frazier and with a lecture from Dr. Donald Fineberg on “The Ethical and Moral Decisions within ‘Cold Mountain.’” The students were then treated to a near private viewing of the performance.

  • Today in history Aug. 6
  • Today In History Aug. 6
  • Art On Tap focuses on pottery

    Art On Tap is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Thursday at at UnQuarked Wine Room in Central Park Square.
    In conjunction with the Celebration of Clay Exhibit arriving shortly at the Art Center, the topic is Pueblo pottery. Led by Chris Judson, Art On Tap will look at pieces from several different local Pueblos and talk about the traditional ways used to making and decorate them.
    Judson's talk will start at 6 p.m.
    The “On Tap” series happens twice a month at UnQuarked.

  • Today In History Aug. 5
  • Today in history Aug. 5
  • Intergalactic

    The van from the Intergalactic Bread Company was parked at the end of the Mesa Public Library parking lot during a recent Los Alamos Farmers Market. Intergalactic Bread Company advertises baked goods made with locally produced ingredients. The market returns to the library starting at 7 a.m. Thursday. Along with the regular vegetables, salsas and baked goods, representatives from Cedar Grove Nursery are scheduled to make an appearance. They will present “Cooking With Frances” Thursday morning.