Sarah Von Sternberg/Monitor
Kiersten Haffey, the young woman who aided the elderly resident who was recently attacked, sits with her landlord’s dog, Kai.
Local woman recounts brutal robbery, attack

On the evening of May 12, an elderly woman in her 80s, who asked to remain anonymous, was robbed and beaten in the garage of her home.

The incident began in the Smith’s parking lot in Los Alamos where an unknown woman came up to the victim, offered unsolicited help and then asked for some change.

After opening the wallet to retrieve some coins, the woman was able to see the wallet’s contents, which contained cash. The victim was presumably followed home from the grocery store and approached by another woman while in her garage.

This woman attacked the elderly victim, causing major bruising on her face and cuts within her mouth, and proceeded to run off with the victim’s purse.

“I was so scared,” the elderly woman recalled. After lying on the ground for about 20 minutes, a good Samaritan happened upon her and offered assistance.

That good Samaritan was Kiersten Haffey, a student working on artificial organ development at Los Alamos National Laboratory and who recently moved to the area in January.

While she may be relatively new to Los Alamos, her actions a few weeks ago exemplify the qualities of a compassionate, caring citizen.