The interior of the Duane Smith Auditorium.
Town benefits from outlay bill

The White Rock Senior Center and the Duane W. Smith Auditorium are two of the beneficiaries of the $294 million capital outlay bill passed during a special session of the New Mexico State Legislature in June.
Funding for any capital projects looked grim this year when the capital outlay bill failed during the regular legislative session, when the Republican-led House and the Democratic Senate failed to agree on spending priorities.
Gov. Susana Martinez initially refused to call a special session, but later agreed to do so if House and Senate leadership could reach agreement.
The capital outlay bill passed in a special session lasting less than six hours on June 8 and Martinez signed it into law June 17, minus $1.1 million in line-item vetoes.
“That was a well-orchestrated, concerted effort by both parties and the governor’s staff to finally sit down and work on the things we could agree on,” Sen. Mary Kay Papen (D-District 38) told business leaders at a Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce breakfast on Tuesday.
The bill included $270,000 to outfit a kitchen at the White Rock Senior Center, $42,000 for a truck to deliver meals to seniors and $375,000 for structural repairs to the Duane W. Smith Auditorium.