Thalia Gibbs-Jackson
Olivia Underwood, who is interning at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, is currently in training for her next bodybuilding competition.
LANL intern shines in bodybuilding world

Los Alamos National Laboratory intern and Huntsville Ala. native Olivia Underwood, 29, may be young, but she already has her Bachelors and Masters degrees in metallurgical engineering (University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Huntsville 2008 and 2009) and she’s closing in on her Ph.D. in material sciences from the University of Alabama, Huntsville. She will obtain that when she graduates in May of this year.
While those academic feats would certainly be impressive by themselves, somewhere in the middle of achieving all of those goals she also managed to rank second place in two different categories in a prestigious bodybuilding competition held in her home state of Alabama.
That achievement also landed her on the cover of the December issue of Parrillo’s Performance Fitness Magazine, a well-known and authoritative publication that covers the world of bodybuilding.
According to Underwood, it all started with that little word “can’t,” a word that doesn’t seem to be a part of Underwood’s everyday vocabulary.