County gets high marks on survey

Los Alamos’ biannual citizens’ survey shows the county ranking higher in several categories than it did two years ago. According to Brian Sanderoff and Matt Hughes from Research and Polling, Inc., the company that conducted the survey, Los Alamos is rated better by its citizens than many of the communities they work with.
Sanderoff and Hughes presented the results to the Los Alamos County Council July 19. Their executive summary states, “Residents of Los Alamos County enjoy a high quality of life and appear to be very appreciative of the services that are offered by the County. In fact, 92 percent of residents rate the overall quality of life in Los Alamos County as being either good (36 percent) or excellent (56 percent).
“Furthermore, over the past two years residents have grown increasingly pleased, as the percentage who rate the quality of life as excellent has risen from 42 percent to 56 percent.
“Residents also express a high level of satisfaction with the overall quality of services provided by the County with 86 percent rating the services as being either good (49 percent) or excellent (37 percent). Just 3 percent of residents rate the County services as being poor.”
“This is almost to the level of resort towns…These scores are very good,” Sanderoff said.