At a Los Alamos Rotary Club meeting Tuesday, Jim Nesmith talks with Rotary Club member Skip King about the naming a nuclear submarine the USS Los Alamos.
USS Los Alamos fans see new hope with congressional endorsement

The initiative to name a Virginia class attack sub the “USS Los Alamos” resurfaced again this week, thanks to an endorsement from New Mexico’s congressional delegation.

The delegation endorsed the project in a letter sent Monday to Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer.

USS Los Alamos Committee Chairman James Nesmith was heartened by the news. He and his committee have been working with New Mexico’s congressional members and the state Legislature to make the naming of a nuclear submarine a reality.

“We hope that we have provided some motivation to the secretary of the Navy to make a decision this year,” Nesmith said.

Nesmith hopes the secretary will make the decision in time for the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s 75th anniversary celebration Aug. 13.

State Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-43) was glad to hear the news. For the past two years, Richard and other representatives have passed memorial bills to bring attention to Los Alamos cause.

“It’s great to hear that they’ve sent a letter in regards to the naming the USS Los Alamos,” Richard said. “The state Legislature has unanimously, for a couple of years in a row now, supported that endeavor to name the next attack sub the USS Los Alamos.”