Arin McKenna
County Sheriff Marco Lucero presented his yearly request for a dedicated vehicle for the sheriff’s department during budget hearings last week. The motion for the sheriff’s office to get its own vehicle was denied 5-2 by Los Alamos County Council.
Vehicle request denied again

Last week, the Los Alamos County Council rejected Sheriff Marco Lucero’s request for $26,000 for a dedicated vehicle for his department.
Councilor James Chrobocinski made a motion to approve Lucero’s request as soon as discussion on the sheriff’s department budget opened, even before councilors had a chance to direct questions to staff regarding the budget.
After questions and discussion, the motion failed by a 5-2vote.
Lucero made his request at Monday’s hearings. It was the fifth year in a row the county’s second-term sheriff has made a vehicle request.
“During the last five years I’ve logged over 26,000 miles on my personally owned vehicles to travel throughout the state and Colorado on your behalf and as your sheriff to do my job as required and keep the interest of the sheriff’s in place,” Lucero said.
In response to questioning, Lucero suggested that with an estimated 10-year life for a vehicle, the purchase price would be comparable to the $13,000 in mileage reimbursements he has received the last five years.