Arin McKenna/Monitor
Senator Tom Udall was in town recently at the Valles Caldera speaking about land use issues.
Recreation could suffer without SWCF

New Mexico sportsmen are decrying Congress’s failure to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which for 50 years has supported everything from community parks to federal protection of outstanding natural resources.
“The Land and Water Conservation Fund for 50 years has been used to create outdoor recreation opportunities for all Americans,” said New Mexico Wildlife Federation (NMWF) Communications Director Joel Gay.
“It not only affects hunters and anglers, but also Little League baseball players, moms who want to take their kids out in a stroller in a really nice park. It’s shooting ranges, it’s boat ramps, it’s just an incredible diversity. It is really just the best of what America has done, is provide opportunity for all.”
One of the early LWCF projects was the development of Camp May Community Park. Other local projects include the construction of six outdoor play areas, the North Mesa picnic area, ball field lighting, the comfort station at Overlook Park and improvements at Los Alamos Entrance Park. In total, Los Alamos has received $88,829 in LWCF funding since its inception.