Arin McKenna
The blue line Project Manager Wayne Kohlrust is standing within marks the dimensions of the proposed elevator. Kohlrust is pointing to the location of one of the structural beams running through the walls.
Elevator at Lodge under review

The usually serene Fuller Lodge Historic District Advisory Board (FLHDAB) meeting was filled with roused citizens last month after a plan to install a glass and steel elevator on the outside of Fuller Lodge was announced.
The board heard on an update on elevator options last night.
The elevator was Mullen-Heller Architecture’s proposed solution for providing ADA (American with Disabilities Act) accessibility to the second floor. The architectural firm has been contracted to design a $3 million renovation for the lodge and the Los Alamos Historical Museum. The current elevator footprint is too small for ADA specifications.
At last month’s meeting, the architects and Alamos County Project Manager Wayne Kohlrust explained the challenges of installing an inside elevator: reduced floor space in key rooms, major fire risers — part of the sprinkler system — running through potential locations and the possibility that the elevator would extend beyond the roof.