White Rock residents warned of burglary threat

White Rock residents should take precautions to safeguard their homes from the threat of possible burglaries, according to the Los Alamos Police Department.

The department’s Criminal Investigations Section said Monday it has credible information that residences in Los Alamos, specifically White Rock, may be targeted for burglaries very soon.

“We are stepping up police presence in White Rock, although it won’t impact the police presence in Los Alamos,” said LAPD Commander Preston Ballew.

Residents are urged to lock doors, maintain safe lighting and notice and report suspicious persons, vehicles or activities in your neighborhood, according to LAPD.

“We asking them to watch out for any unusual activity in their neighborhoods,” said Ballew.

For questions or concerns, or to make a report, contact Crime Stoppers at 662-8282 or LAPD Dispatch 662-8222.