Tris DeRoma/Monitor
Representatives from fbt architects met with the community Tuesday to gather their ideas about the upcoming $1.2 million exterior renovations scheduled for Duane W. Smith Auditorium.
Duane W. Smith project moves ahead

Los Alamos’ Duane W. Smith Auditorium, the second largest entertainment venue north of Albuquerque, is about to get a  $1.2 million facelift.
Representatives from fbt architects met with the public Tuesday in the lobby of the 66-year-old auditorium to discuss how to modernize the building’s exterior.
The other purpose of the meeting was to gather everyone’s ideas, comments and feedback before moving on to the building phase, which is scheduled for May 2017.
The main goal of the architects firm’s plans is to make the lobby more functional, bigger and more open.
The firm’s other goal was to visually integrate the 956-seat auditorium into the Los Alamos High School campus. When the school was redesigned several years ago by fbt architects, the auditorium, which was built in 1950, was not included in the redesign.
The new plans feature 3,600 square feet of new construction to the front of the building.
“We are essentially taking this lobby down and building a new lobby that is almost twice the size,” said fbt architect Sanjay Engineer.
The facade will feature paneling on the windows that will mimic the facade of the high school, which is located behind the theater.