Los Alamos Police Department seized guns, drugs, paraphernalia during Operation Genesis, which officers executed late last week. LAPD had several suspected drug deals under surveillance for several months prior to the execution of warrants.
’Genesis’ nets drugs, arrests

A four-month operation by Los Alamos Police Department netted 10 arrest warrants and 8 search warrants connected to drug trafficking and distribution in a recent operation.
LAPD’s “Operation Genesis” began in October and raids on several local suspected drug houses have taken place in recent days. LAPD reported that its officers conducted hundreds of hours of surveillance and specialized investigations on suspected local drug dealers.
According to information provided by LAPD, detectives have already seized methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, controlled prescription medications, marijuana wax and marijuana during Operation Genesis.
“I want to thank all of the officers and detectives involved for their efforts in combating the illegal drug culture in our community,” said commander Oliver Morris. “Our investigators have information that several of these suspects have also been allegedly selling drugs to our community’s youth at Los Alamos High School and Los Alamos Middle School. I also want our citizens to realize our youth have access to almost any type of drug imaginable.”
Morris said LAPD has worked hard and is committed to combating the local drug problem with “every resource available” to help provide a safe community for youth.