Tris DeRoma
Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales said he was impressed with UT’s presentation at the Regional Coalition meeting.
University of Texas makes pitch to Regional Coalition

If it wasn’t clear to the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities that the University of Texas really wants to be the contractor that manages and operates the Los Alamos National Laboratory, it was the second time officials visited with the coalition Oct. 13 at its regular staff meeting.
“Of course, we have our own self-interest and reasons for wanting to do this,” former staff member-turned-consultant for the University of Texas Susan Rogers said at the meeting. “This is a serious responsibility that offers a great opportunity in terms of research, visibility and industry partnerships for UT.”
She also said it would also be great for students and faculty.
“It will be a wonderful opportunity for our institutions, our faculty and our students. There are many reasons of our own for wanting to do this.”
UT System is one of many contractors that have shown interest in being the next contractor to manage and operate the laboratory when the management and operations contract expires in September 2018. The NNSA put out a draft request for proposals in late July.
UT System officials first met with the Regional Coalition in late August, when UT System’s vice chancellor David Daniel met with the coalition for a brief visit.