Tris DeRoma/Monitor
Los Alamos National Bank customers have experienced some difficulty with a new online banking system upgrade. All issues should be resolved by next week, according to bank officials.
LANB customers, bank deal with computer upgrade

Customers of Los Alamos National Bank who may have had difficulties enrolling in the bank’s new online banking system should see their issues resolved by next week, officials said Thursday.
The bank started the massive system upgrade Saturday and completed it on Monday.
Chief Executive Officer John Gulas also wanted customers to know that everyone’s money is right where it should be.
“No customer data was lost or destroyed during the upgrade,” he said.
The upgrade did cause customers some grief this week. Customer wait times were reported to have exceeded one hour when they called the bank’s call center for assistance.
Those who went to the bank for help were met by customer service representatives in the lobby with clipboards, who took down their names. Seating sections were created so customers could wait sitting down.
The changes are designed to make present – and future – online banking more convenient and safer.