The 2014 job totals revised up, February gains 15,900 jobs

Everything that was reported during 2014 and through March 22, 2015, about job performance in New Mexico was reported correctly.
As of 10 a.m. EST time March 23, everything previously reported was incorrect. Well, not exactly incorrect, but out of date.
Confusing? Indeed.
The explanation is that the 10 a.m. EST time was when the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics released the annual change of the rules for reporting the previous year’s job performance.
This is statistical. The temptation is to chuckle and remember the old cliché about liars and statistics. The change, called “benchmarking,” happens each year.
In a sense, it doesn’t matter. Just cleaning up the statistics.
Except it does matter. People, businesses and government make decisions based on what they hear first. For about four years, the people decision, reflected in numbers called (negative) net migration, has been to leave nearly everywhere in New Mexico.
The benchmarking flipped the two big themes for telling the 2014 job story in New Mexico.


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