A snowboarder slides a box in full view of Pajarito's deck Friday afternoon on the mountain's lower rail yard.
Dedicated park crew part of Pajarito's good season

In a lot of ways, Pajarito Mountain is having its best ski season in years and years.
The mountain had the earliest opening in recent memory this season, on Nov. 27.
A couple weekends ago it was able to the terrain under the Townsight lift open for the first time since the Los Conchas fire scorched the area in 2010.
After that, it was able to open the Crazy Mother terrain park for the first time in the last five years.
A lot of factors have fallen into place to help the mountain.
A wet summer helped the mountain fill its snowmaking pond and open early.
Natural snowfall, and a lot of work over the summer with chainsaws, helped it reopen the terrain on Townsight.
To get the mountain's parks open, a dedicated park crew has been the crucial factor.
"The new management has been really helpful," park-crew member Markus Boomer said. "They're willing to have stuff done because they think terrain parks are profitable, especially to get (the mountain) open seven days."
Getting to a point where the ski area can be open for daily operations is a goal for the future.
For the majority of this season, the ski area has been open Wednesday though Sunday and on Monday holidays, like this weekend's Presidents' Day.


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